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I'm so excited to share this post with you! This was our engagement session with Tyson and Macyn. They are such a great couple and their portraits are beautiful and adorable! They brought Marley along to take pictures with and those came out great as well! It was a beautiful afternoon and I just absolutely love how they turned out! We did some downtown and then we headed to the Governor's mansion to end the shoot. I'm thoroughly excited to spend their wedding day with them and capture their special moments. I know it's going to be a day to remember!

T.H. Peterson: How did you guys meet each other?

Tyson: I slid in her DM’s 😜 we had known of each other for years and had been

liking each other’s posts on social media for quite sometime, but around

September of 2017 I noticed she was liking almost all my posts and I had always

thought she was beautiful so I finally said enough is enough and did something

about it 😎 4 years later here we are! 


T.H. P.: What were your first impressions of each other?

Tyson: My first impression of Macyn was that she was shy. Boy did I have another thing coming πŸ˜‚ When we met in person for the first time we went on an ice cream date at Baskin Robins. It was awkward for the first few minutes but once we got our ice cream we went outside and sat on the bench and that’s when my first real impression of her took place, she’s easy to talk to. We sat on that bench and talked for almost two hours and it didn’t feel awkward at all, it just felt right ♥️

Macyn: My first impression of Tysons was that he was so respectful & such a gentleman. He was so in tune to me already and so understanding. Our first “date” had to be modified a couple times but he never once acted like it was a problem or that he was annoyed. He made me feel like a priority from day one. & I remember saying to my mom “wow. i think the saying you’ll find “the one” whenever you stop looking is actually going to be true for me..

T.H. P.: What is something you really appreciate about each other?

Tyson: I appreciate how down to earth Macyn is. She’s very passionate about the things and people that she cares about. If she knows and loves you, she will go to bat for you to no avail, 100% of the time no questions asked.

Macyn: I appreciate how in touch with his emotions Tyson is. It’s something I’ve had to learn to navigate because I am not really that way. I tend to stuff my feelings and I always say I don’t really “feel”. But Tyson shows his feelings and he loves with everything he has. He’s taught me to be more gentle and I really think this has played a key part into making us such good communicators. And I mean opposites attract right? πŸ˜‰

T.H. P.: What is something fun you guys enjoy doing together?

Tyson and Macyn: Concerts are our thing man. Our second date was a Luke Combs concert back before he became the country music star that he is today and ever since then we love going to concerts. We truly get lost in the music together and we feel the lyrics. Especially to those intimate songs. There’s no better feeling than that! 

T.H. P.: What is one way you are super similar and what way are you very different?

Tyson (Macyn supervisedπŸ€ͺ): We’re very similar in our interests. We both love music, the same sports teams, concerts, hanging out with our friends, we’re both huge FAMILY people, animal people, love being outside and things of that nature. We enjoy doing a lot of the same things, which makes it easy for us to have fun together! We also enjoy a lot of the same foods, which makes it pretty easy for us to figure out what we want to eat. You hear people all the time talk about how they can’t decide on what to have to eat but that’s never been the case with us πŸ˜‚

We differ in the way that we handle certain situations. 

She has a passionate approach to handling things and is definitely a people pleaser. She wants to make sure everyone is okay and I love that about her! I have a more laid back approach to handling things that I get honestly from my dad πŸ˜‚ I’m a “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and a “It’s not my business” type of guy. I like to make sure that my fiancΓ© and I are good and that’s my main concern. It’s all about balance 😎

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