Remi's Sweet Newborn Session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Newborn and Family Photographers

We absolutely adore Remi’s newborn session, she has so many great expressions and she did a wonderful job!  We especially love the images we captured of her smiling!  We are so impressed with big sister Aria, too!  She was very helpful during the entire session and we can tell she is a wonderful big sister.  We loved so many of the images, but these are some of our favorites!  Enjoy!

T.H. Peterson: When you found out you were pregnant, how did you tell your family?

Bethaney: We had Aria wear a “big sister” shirt at Thanksgiving and recorded our families reactions!

T.H. P.: What was Aria's reaction to meeting her baby sister for the first time?

Bethaney: She met her when we came home from the hospital and she seemed surprised she was actually real, and was very excited!

T.H. P.: What are some of your favorite moments from your newborn session with us?

Bethaney: My favorite part was Aria & Remi taking pictures together!

T.H. P.: When Remi got RSV, how did you and your husband balance having a toddler and caring for Remi? 

Bethaney: My sister had just come into town to meet Remi, so between her family and the grandmas (and daycare), they had it covered. We felt so bad they barely got to see Remi but so so grateful they helped out with Aria so much!

T.H. P.: When you think back on your pregnancies and labor and deliveries, how were they different for each of your daughters? 

Bethaney: My pregnancies felt pretty similar, other than being more tired the 2nd time having to chase a toddler! Aria was a day late and my water broke at home and she came 6 hours later. Remi was cozy in there so I had my water broken 4 days after her due date and she came 4 hours later!

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