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The Lovely Kuder Family - Scranton, Topeka family portrait photographer

Recently, Holly and I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Kuder Family! Monte, Heather, Ethan and Abby endured the plus 100 degree weather for family portraits. Considering how scorching hot it was, they were in great moods and the portraits spoke volumes! Here's some of our very favorites! What a happy family! Abby shows Ethan some love!! Adorable!! How cute!?! I love this shot of these guys. They looks so natural and loving! Mom and Dad showing some love! We love that!!!! My absolute favorite shot from the session! The warmth of the sun only speaks volumes about the love in this family. They were truly beautiful inside and out and were so much fun to photograph! To have your own family portrait session, please contact Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492.

26 years of happiness!

Steve and Sue will be celebrating 26 years of marriage this coming Saturday. We're very happy for them! Sue said she wanted their portraits to really display the love they have for one another. It didn't take much to see the love that radiates between them. Here's some of our favorite pics! You can't fake emotion between people like this! Steve adores his bride. It's quite obvious. He can't even keep his eyes off of her. 26 years and they talk to each other like newlyweds! It's beautiful! To book your own session, call 785.793.2492 and ask for Tommy or Holly.