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Leah and Nolan's Big Day - The Scott Wedding - Crossroads Cowboy Church - Topeka Wedding Photographers

 Leah and Nolan had big plans for their day. Riding in on horseback into a rodeo arena was the idea. Of course, I had thoughts of how their images would look as they rode off into the sunset... and then the rain happened. I know it must have been an extremely disappointing thing. Considering how much horses are a part of their lives. In fact, their son, who is two was going to be their ring bearer and bring the rings on horseback. If I remember right, he has his own horse!! But you can't fight with the weather. So that being the case, I was even more determined to create images for them that they would absolutely love and tell the story of their day. The waited to see each other when Leah walked down the aisle. His face said it all. Nolan isn't the most expressive person but his face of happiness and contentment spoke loudly to me. Their celebration was beautiful. The families in attendance seemed close knit and loving. It's always a disappointment when our plans at weddi

Interview with Sarah Ralston - SFT Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

 I've known Sarah since she was little! In fact, I had the honor of photographing her many years ago and so it was very special to be able to photograph her for something as special as her senior portraits. For her session, she wanted to have them done at the sunflower fields. They were amazing! Some had not even opened up yet so it was perfect for her session. The bright vibrant colors of the petals were so pretty! The color of the sky, her beautiful red hair and the flowers looked amazing together! Sarah is such a cool girl. She's a lot of fun to hang out with, smart and her session was smooth and a blast! T.H. Peterson:  Best thing about going to SFT Sarah:  My favorite thing about going to Santa Fe Trail is that I know everyone. It has its pros and cons but I know I'd miss it if I went to a bigger school. T.H. P.:  What are your plans after high school? Sarah:  After high school I plan on going to college, possibly out of state. I hope to major in English or jo

Interview with Hailey Buckley - Shawnee Heights Senior - Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Our latest senior shoot is with Hailey Buckley from Shawnee Heights high! What a beautiful girl!! My wife and I both agree she could be a model! She is so photogenic and a natural in front of the camera and oh my, her smile!!! Gorgeous! I had soooo much fun photographing her. She was happy and excited for her shoot and it was really cool because she didn't have a lot of ideas as far as specific locations, she just gave me free reign which is awesome because I can go with how I feel and what I think will look amazing for her. We visited some amazing locations that I rarely, if ever, shoot at. Overall an excellent session. She killed it! Thrilled with the results and happy for you all to see them today!! Thank you for checking out her session and make sure to read her interview as well as check out her slideshow at the end! T.H. Peterson:  What would you say makes Shawnee heights special?   Hailey:  The traditions. Two of my favorite traditions are the class chants and the hom

Interview with Marissa Bates - Silver Lake Grad Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

We had a really great time with Marissa! She was very photogenic and happy to have her portraits done. She wanted primarily country / rural setting which honestly isn't as common. Lots of seniors want urban, downtown alleys, etc so that was a nice change and honestly, one thing I really enjoyed about her session was how the sun looked in her hair so that is something we are able to capture much more easily in a rural setting. I don't think we had a cloud in the sky which really gave us great light and at sunset and dusk the light was AMAZING!!! Marissa is an easy going girl with a beautiful smile! She was tons of fun to hang out with and photograph. Her outfits were great. Her locations were amazing. One of these images are definitely going to have to grace our walls at our display at the mall! I love them all! T.H. Peterson:  What are your plans after high school? Marissa:  I am going to Pitt State to play volleyball and study Pre-Dental. T.H. P.:  What's your fa