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Interview with Morgan King - Seaman High - Class of 2020 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Morgan’s session was fun! We had lots of ideas and the perfect locations to do them, like the sunflower field, Capitol building, KS Museum and even PT’s Coffee House . All with different outfits and poses and we even had a change of hair when we got to the sunflower field. A long time hairdresser for the family came out to the field and had Morgan looking amazing!! Didn’t take long and all of a sudden she had a totally different look. I loved the transformation. Morgan was quiet but definitely into the session. I love that, her ideas were awesome and she truly had a shoot I won’t forget. To be honest, my favorite images of her, were the closeups because of how amazing her eyes looked! She has a beautiful color in her eyes and it really showed them off. Super excited with the end results! Hope you love them too!! Enjoy! T.H. Peterson: What is your favorite thing about going to Seaman? Morgan: My favorite thing about going to Seaman is that we have a really tight community. We ca

Interview with Jordan Stuart - Class of 2020 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

We have photographer Jordan and his family before so we know he is a good looking guy with a laid back demeanor.  He has a chiseled jawline and some really awesome hair! He seriously looked like a model and when he posed for us at the capitol, we were blown away at how he nailed every single look from smiling to serious!  After we shot downtown, we took off for an abandoned warehouse and got some great shots of Jordan! He even posed with his siblings for a few pictures! He was so easy to photograph because he is such a good-looking guy!  He blew us away when he scaled an 8-foot wall under the bridge and posed for a picture for us! He is strong and very athletic! We ended his session at the sunflower field with his sister, and he was so easy-going that he didn’t mind posing for us among the flowers!  The last shot we got was him and his sister walking into the pink sunset, arm and arm, and his parents were totally in love with the way they love each other. It was cool to see h

Interview with Lizzy Matthias- Shawnee Heights High Class of 2020 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

  Lizzy is such a beautiful and smiley girl that is was so easy to do her senior shoot!  She smiled the ENTIRE TIME, making it so easy for us to just love her session so much! She had such amazing blue eyes that sparkled everytime she smiled, and she had really long blonde hair and a confident personality.  We started her session downtown, and her cat joined us, and his eyes were blue just like hers! After a few shots around the capitol, we went to an abandoned warehouse and got some awesome shots! Then, we finished the session at the sunflower field, and Lizzy got the perfect pink sunset.  As she played around in the sunflower field, she was such a natural, posing for us and making us laugh! She was so much fun to photograph and we are in love with her session! T.H. Peterson:  If your friends had to describe you in a single word, what would they say? Lizzy: sassy   T.H. P.: What song on the radio right now are you obsessed with? And which one annoys you to no end? Lizz

Interview with Raven Sage - Mission Valley - Class of 2020 - Beautiful Senior Portraits!! Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

  Raven is literally one of the sweetest, most genuine girls we have ever photographed.  She is so kind and fun to be around, and her smile is incredible! We went out to Echo Cliff, right down the road from Raven’s house, and she had the PERFECT afternoon for her senior session!  She had a great time splashing around in the water, and being silly! As the sun went down, we went to Raven’s house and got some really incredible images of her and her dad’s corvette. She looked like a total boss behind the steering wheel!  She had some of the best laughing images ever!  Her eyes just lit up with each smile and she nailed her session, even getting some pictures with her cat, Boots!  Those two kept us laughing the entire time, and we really enjoyed her entire session. Her parents were really excited when the sky turned orange and we were able to get some great sunset pictures of her!  She looked so grown up, and beautiful! We are so excited for you to see this adorable session!   T.H