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Hadley on the blog! Topeka, Scranton, KS Children's portrait photographers

 My kind of session. I love photographing little kids. There's nothing that compares to it. Pretty much anything they do is adorable and they don't hold still for a second so you totally don't know what to expect. Hadley is so precious and I enjoyed our session together immensely. Full of energy. Here's a few of our favorites! This adorable outfit can be found on  Probably one of my favorites from the session. LOVE LOVE LOVE the expression on her face! Her pose is just adorable.  Hadley is such a beautiful and expressive little girl.

Alex and Emily's Big Day! Topeka, KS Wedding Portrait Photographers

 June 16 was a very special day for Alex and Emily. And we were there to capture it. It was beautiful and I'm glad we had the opportunity to witness two people who really love one another show the world their love for each other. It was amazing. Here is a small sampling of the day. Enjoy.  Emily looked absolutely gorgeous!  Osage County Gun Club in Lyndon is an amazing place for weddings. We've had the opportunity to shoot several weddings there and we look forward to it everytime. So amazing!  The clouds were amazing and puffy as well that day! Big thanks to Alex and Emily for allowing us to be part of your amazing day! It was wonderful! Tommy and Holly Peterson 785.793.2492  |  785.213.0812 Scranton, KS