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Papaioannou Wedding - Christos and Jessica tie the knot - Wichita, KS

 I have to say Jessica and Christos are two perfect individuals for each other. They just perfectly seem right for one another. When the pastor officiating the ceremony described each of them, he explained how loving and special each person was. How Christos had a big heart and was kind and how Jessica was the same way. It was really special to witness that and I am very happy for them. I am glad that we were a part of the day. The location was Exploration Place in Wichita and I've never been there but I'd love to go back. It is an incredibly photogenic and interesting looking place. The perfect backdrop for something as special as a wedding. Many interesting colors and shapes and angles. I loved shooting there. So without any more chit chat, I'd love for you to take a few minutes out to check out their wedding. Lots of hard work went into not only creating these images but selecting the right ones for the blog. We are always happy when we can tell a story of how the day