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Interview with Kyle and Jacob - Twins senior session - Shawnee Heights Class of 2021 - Topeka's best senior portraits

We had the privilege of meeting Jacob and Kyle for their senior session and when we pulled into Shawnee Lake and saw the sun glistening off of the Mustang they borrowed for their session, our jaws dropped.  They looked so tough posed in front of that car!  So many people were stopping and staring and honking as they drove past.  We loved it!  After hanging out at the lake for a few more pics by the water, we headed out to the football field at Shawnee Heights.  Kyle and Jacob were naturals in front of the camera. Kyle is more reserved and quiet, while Jacob is more talkative and his beard made him look like an adult. It was crazy how different they were but similar at the same time. We ended their session downtown where we got a quick family photo of mom and dad with the boys, too! It was really awesome to see them all interacting and throwing out ideas throughout the shoot. We are excited to share these with you! T.H. Peterson:   How have your goals changed since you started as

Emmett's Cute Newborn Session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Newborn Photographers

Emmett was such a sweet baby, with his porcelain skin and his adorable little face.  He took a little bit to settle in, but once he fell asleep, he was easy to photograph.  He was very active, and mom said he kicked all the time in her tummy.  We could tell his mom and dad are very proud of him, and they are such great parents.  We enjoyed their session, and hope you do too!  Enjoy! T.H. Peterson:    W hat was your favorite part about your newborn session with us?  Madison:  Seeing Emmett in all of the adorable swaddles/outfits. T.H. P.:    What is one baby item you could not live without? Madison:  His sleep swaddle. He sleeps so much better in it! T.H. P.:   Who does Emmett look like most? Madison:  Blake T.H. P.:   How was your first night home as a family? Madison:  So relaxing compared to being in the hospital. T.H. P.:   What is the best part about being a mom? Madison:  Even though he is just over 2 weeks old, I feel like he has already grown and change

Delilah's Adorable Newborn Session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Greatest Newborn Photographers

It was so amazing to meet Delilah, and to reunite with Chelsea, Tyler and Liberty.  We haven’t seen them since Liberty was born and we did her newborn session.  Delilah came in and we thought she looked so much like her dad!  Her expressions, and smiles!  This session is the first one Jesse and Amanda shot by themselves, and really showed what they are capable of!  Carefully watching the lighting and crops, these images are extraordinary and mom loved them all!  Delilah was a calm, easygoing newborn with the cutest smile and perfect features.  What an absolute delight!  Thank you for checking out this blog! Having a baby in the future?  Book your own newborn session here.   T.H. Peterson:  What did you think when you learned you were having another girl? Chelsea:  We were both excited for Liberty to have a sister. Either way, boy or girl, we felt beyond blessed for a healthy pregnancy.   T.H. P.:   How did you announce it to your family?  Did you do a gender reveal? Chelsea:

Personal Blog post - Jewel's 2 year photos - Sunflower portraits at Eleanor's Events

Happy birthday Jewel! Jewel recently turned 2 years old and Holly wanted to document her photos at our local sunflower field Eleanor's Events near Scranton! The field is absolutely beautiful and the evening was gorgeous! It was a perfect day for sunflower portraits. I love the dress Holly picked for Jewel's shoot and we spent about a half hour just playing in the flowers and taking beautiful images of our little girl. I love these so much and will cherish these forever!  Jewel was so excited she shouted!  Sniffing.    Peek a boo!  Mo has the best smile!  Olympas is goofy!!! So silly!  My beautiful family. Beyond blessed!  Lymp and Mo playing hide and seek. It was HARD to find them!  I think she likes me.  Isn't Holly gorgeous?!  Jewel's laugh is contagious!  Don't leave me!  I love this litt