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Nike and Ally

Recently, we photographed our two adorable pooches Nike and Ally. They are two very hyper Jack Russell Terriers and getting a good shot of them, especially in our studio, can be a very big challenge. So, needless to say, I am very pleased with our results. For us being photographers, they actually don't get their photos that frequently. I especially like the fact that they, to me, really show off thier individual personalities.


Isn't she a cutie pie! Zoey's owner had to go to assisted living and Zoey couldn't go with her. So she was given to this sweet lady who is taking care of this adorable little dog. When Zoey came into our studio, she was very bashful yet she held still very well for her photos. She just didn't want to look at us and I wanted to get a shot of her that showed off just how cute she was and not show her nervousness. However, after some time just talking to her and showing her that she had nothing to worry about, she warmed up just fine!

1st Annual Christmas Recital - The Dance Spot

Saturday night The Dance Spot hosted their first annual Christmas Recital. It was quite the experience. For being thier first year, I felt that it extremely successful as well as very entertaining and fun. Many friends and family and folks from the community attended. Burlingame Dance Team or "Bomb DiggiTee" as Mickey Referred to them, Santa Fe Trail Dance Team and Cowley College Dance Team was there as well! So many performances, so many dancers. It was awesome! And best of all, it was free for the community to see! I would strongly encourage all to come out and see them perform. I had so much photographing them and I look forward to photographing them again. These are random shots, in no particular order from that night. I hope you enjoy them! Read the bottom of the post to find out how to see the rest of the shots. Enjoy! As you can see, there were some awesome performances and I was so happy I was there to capture them all with my camera. Believe it or not, there