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Forever Family Plan - Huge Perk of being photographed by T.H. Peterson Photography! Topeka’s Best Portrait Photographers

Anyone who’s been photographed by us has probably been told about our amazing program! It’s called The Forever Family Plan! So what is it? And why should you care? What does it cost? How do you become a member? Well here’s the breakdown! We love getting new customers but what we love even more is return customers! We want customers for life! So we created our Forever Family Plan to help encourage people to continue to use us. If you are a part of our plan, you NEVER pay a session fee again! That adds up to a huge savings! Session fees at this time range anywhere from $50 to $150. A session fee is required when we shoot any session but if you’re a part of the plan, you don’t ever have to pay the session fee again. You just sign up for photos and it doesn’t cost a thing! Of course, the prints / products cost but the session is free. There are other amazing perks to being in our plan. For example, there are no minimum purchases anymore. You also have access to special

Mr. Roman at Ted Ensley Gardens! Lake Shawnee, Topeka, KS - Northeast Kansas Family and Baby Photographers

 Proud to present today's session with Roman! We photographed him last summer and he's becoming a big boy! When we first started he was a little reluctant and it was chilly so that didn't help but the funny thing was he seemed to be less chilly than the adults that were there. But after a few minutes he was all smiles! He did awesome. He is such a handsome little boy! You can't help but smile when you look at Roman. I'm a big fan of this little guy! Here's some of our favorites! Enjoy!!! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email

Chiles Family at Potter Lake - Lawrence, KS Professional Family Photographers

 I'm excited and happy to post this session. Six years ago we photographed Cody and Stephanie's wedding! Hard to believe it! Time flies! Well recently they contacted us as they wanted to do family photos as well as announce that they are going to foster and adopt soon! Their family will grow and it will be exciting for them!! Really happy for these guys and I know they are thrilled! Here's a few fun shots from their session! Enjoy! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email

What is our First Year Baby Plan?! Capture all of your baby's first year's milestones! Topeka's Best Portrait Photographers

Are you having a baby? Want professional portraits but think you can't afford it ? Think again! Become a member of our First Year Baby Plan! So what is our First Year Baby Plan ? The simple explanation is it is our plan that allows parents to bring in their child several times during their baby's first year and get their photos done, at a discounted rate. Not only is there no session fee but you get the digital files and at a price that's over 50% off! Before we go into the details of what exactly is entailed, I'd like you to check out these portraits and I'll briefly explain all the different stages we can help you with! First we have the newborn session! These are usually best done 1-2 weeks after the baby is born. Any longer than 2 weeks and the baby generally won't pose as well. They also sleep a lot heavier during the first couple weeks. Then we have your baby back for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months! 3 Months they are usually bright eyed! They

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo - Down da bayou recipe - What I'm eating today!

So this is what I've been working on all morning. Chicken and sausage gumbo. I grew up in south Louisiana, about an hour south of New Orleans to be specific (yes there is something south of New Orleans). Yes way down on the bayou. That's what we called it, The Bayou. If you were going north, you were going 'up da bayou' and if you were going south, you were going 'down da bayou'. That was directions everyone gave. And while I don't miss the weather, allergies, humidity, I do miss the people and the food. So this morning in my homesickness, I decided to make chicken and sausage gumbo. As much of Cajun food is, gumbo is complex and full of spice but unlike most people's misconception it is usually not very spicy in regards to heat. Just lots of spice and flavor! Of course if it's cooked right, you'll feel some heat in the back of your throat. So with the help of my cousin Jennifer, I made her recipe with some minor adjustments. Chicken and

Erin and Matthew's Magical Engagement Session!! The Dusty Bookshelf, Lawrence, KS

 Erin and Matthew are such a great couple! Holly and I are gushing over them. We can't get over how cool they are. They are literally just so much fun, so down to earth and we honestly couldn't ask for a better couple. They are genuine and perfect for each other. We loved their ideas for their engagement session. I think one thing I loved about them was how silly and young hearted they are. We literally spent half of our session in The Dusty Bookshelf on Mass St. in Lawrence and that was a great location for their session. Really fun and unique location. Holly and I will definitely be back to visit! Thank you for checking out Erin and Matthew's session! They had so many great images but these are just a few of our favorites! Super hard to narrow down! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.213.0812 or 785.793.2492 or email