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Ben and Skyler Very Special Day! Paola, KS Professional Wedding Photographers

 Nobody wants to hear me ramble. They want to SEE THE PICTURES!!! So I'll be concise. Ben and Skyler, a wonderful couple, met with us for the first time, when we photographed their engagement portraits back in June. When they showed up, the first thought I had was how good looking this couple was! But they were so much more than easy on the eye. They were both very nice and come from really great families. And then Audra and I show up for their wedding to find out they have the nicest wedding party too! Skyler looked stunning and watching these two all day was so special. You can tell these two are meant for one another and are completely crazy about one another. The location was a whole other thing to talk about. Town Center in lovely Paola, KS is one of the most beautiful locations we've ever been privileged to photograph at. There is so much amazing light and the details were amazing.  So without delay, here's how the day went. Enjoy!