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Happy birthday Oakland! Absolutely adorable outdoor session for her first birthday! Topeka's Best Baby Photographers

  Oakland and her mom and dad joined us at the Governor’s Mansion for a cake smash and a milk bath!  This was very exciting for us as this is the first time we have attempted a milk bath! It was a success!  Oakland was very interested in eating her cake and making a big mess!! We loved it! She really enjoyed the milk bath as well!  She loved playing with the fresh sunflowers and splashing around! Once the bath was over, she carried a sunflower with her to the car!  We are so in love with the vibrant colors we captured in her session! Enjoy them! Check out her movie! T o book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email

The Peterson's go to the pool - Jewel's first time! Personal blog post

 Moses has been asking to go to the pool for a while now. So today we finally went as a family. Jewel had a rough day teething so we thought the water might be a good distraction for her. Holly and I went shopping for swimsuits for the kids. We were most excited about Jewel's one piece. Sure enough, she was so cute!  We had a great time and look forward to going back. We went to Blaisdell Aquatic Center at Gage Park. There's lots to do, it's spread out and a lot of area for toddlers and babies... We only lost Olympas twice. We told him to stay close but he's fast!  Mo decided to do a cannon ball off the high dive and hurt his back, because he landed on it. So the rest of the time, he had to take it easy. Olympas probably had the most fun of anyone. He did not want to leave. And Jewel, took a few minutes to really soak in (pun intended) how incredible it was to be at a pool. In fact, this was her first time! She spent the first few minutes in somewhat of a shocked deme

Hunter's Newborn Session- Interview with Mom - Awesome Newborn Session - Topeka Newborn Photographer

Hunter and his mommy returned to us for a newborn session, and Hunter was very alert during the whole session!  His mommy tried very hard to get him to have a nap, but he wanted to see what was going on around him! So, my assistants, Monica and Jess, worked together to wrap and pose him on various props!  We got some really great shots on the carriage, the bag and in front of the flag. Hunter did a nice job of staying content until the end, and that little stud can already hold his head up! We were blown away!  Thank you for checking out his session and we look forward to photographing Hunter and his family in the future. T.H. Peterson:   How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant? Renea:   I was surprised! We had decided to try for a third, but thought it would take a while. We ended up getting pregnant super fast and the only reason I found out was because my Fitbit told me it was time to check! T.H. P.:   What did your other kids think of Hunter? Renea:

Interview with Abi Blindt - Mission Valley High Class of 2020 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Abi had an amazing session in the Topeka area.  We started off in some alleyways and got some really great shots of Abi in her sports gear, and even got some of her sister and their dog, Hazel.  Then we moved to the Capitol where the light was absolutely perfect and Abi had some AMAZING images! Then we went to the Governor’s mansion, where the warm sunset gave her the perfect ending to our session.  We were blown away at her images and we know you will love them too!! Thank you for checking out her session! T.H. Peterson:   What are your plans after high school? Abi:   Looking into dental hygiene school and different college options. T.H. P.:   What kind of music do you like? Abi:   Country T.H. P.:   What activities are you involved in? Abi:   Softball T.H. P.:   What is your favorite thing about high school? Abi:   All of my friends. T.H. P.:   Where is your favorite place to eat? Abi:   Olive Garden. T.H. P.:   Who has inspired you the most so f