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Interview with Lexis Berndt - Silver Lake High School Class of 2023 - Topeka's Best Senior Photographers

We met up with Lexis and her mom at Gage Park and we immediately noticed how beautiful Lexis is!  She has such gorgeous, long blonde hair and really pretty eyes and a great smile!  She was so easygoing and fun to work with!  We ended the shoot with some great portraits of her at the Governor’s Mansion.  She laughed at our silly jokes and we captured some amazing smiles!  Here are some of our favorites from her session! T.H. Peterson: What activities are you involved in and how have they shaped your life? Lexis: I am involved in volleyball and track. They have shaped my life by bringing new people into my life, new opportunities, and teaching me how to deal with adversity. T.H. P.: What weird habit do you have when you’re nervous and how long has it been going on? (Ex. tap your foot, twirl your fingers, etc.) Lexis: One weird habit I do when I’m nervous is either I bounce my leg or I bite my finger nails off without noticing. I would say this has been going on since I was about 9 years

Lukas - Washburn Rural High School Class of 2023 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Photographing Lukas was a blast. We actually did the entire shoot at Washburn Rural and so that was nice to try to make the most of one location. What’s funny was when we started, he told us that these portraits were more for his mom than for himself but after just a little while, he was having a great time and I knew he was enjoying himself. The time flew by and before we knew the session was over. We ended up with an extremely creative shoot showing off his passions in life, football and basketball and his jeep! I absolutely love the images we ended up with. Thank you for checking out his shoot! T.H. Peterson: What activities are you involved in and how have they shaped your life? Lukas: Football and basketball, they have shown me what hard work can do.  T.H. P.: What is the one sacrifice you would not be willing to make, even if it meant solving all of the world’s problems? Lukas: Giving up the family and friends I have.  T.H. P.: What trend or fad are you most embarrassed about b

Faith and Irish's Engagement session - On the family farm - Topeka's Best Wedding Photographers

We pulled up to Irish's family's property and we were blown away by how beautiful it was. It was the perfect country location and we were so pleasantly surprised to learn that it's where they're getting married. The absolutely perfect location for a country wedding. We're so excited! These guys are so sweet and were a blast to hang out with. They are very much in love and we were able to get some gorgeous images of them as a couple. So happy with how the whole session turned out. Thanks for checking out their shoot. Enjoy!  To book your own session or to inquire about wedding photography, call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email

Interview with Tessa VanCamp - SFT Class of 2022 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Tessa was a lot of fun to photograph! She had a great personality and I felt like we clicked great! The cool thing was mom told me she was interested in having a waterfall in her portraits if possible and we just found this waterfall the day before. What great timing! So we took some at Osage Lake and then walked through the woods to find the waterfall and the images we got there were just phenomenal. I’m so thrilled with how everything turned out! Super excited to share! T.H. Peterson: What will you miss most about your time at SFT? Tessa: Definitely my friends, they made my time worth it.   T.H. P.: Any plans for the summer? Tessa: Working and hang out with friends before life starts. T.H. P.: What are your plans for college? Tessa: Take a 1 year of prerequisite and apply for Washburn radiology program. T.H. P.:  What would be your dream job? Tessa: Traveling and rating places to get money. T.H. P.: What did you enjoy most about your shoot with us? Tessa: Taking pictures near the wat