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Derek + Andi - a beautiful and emotional day!! Osage City, KS Wedding Photographers

 One thing that makes a powerful image is being able to connect emotionally with the viewer. Andi and Derek's wedding was completely amazing and overflowing with emotion. There were so many laughs and tears shared that day that it made our job as photographers completely enjoyable. The atmosphere and mood was ripe for creating emotionally powerful imagery. Selecting the following images was a challenge. There were so many incredible moments that we wanted to share them all but here are some of our favorites.  One of the things we loved about their wedding was the rustic country feel and attention to detail. Andi's mom put together and made all of the decorations for the reception down to the crocheting of the napkin rings. Everything was beautiful and special!  Props to Derek's aunt for making this beautiful cake which was one of the most colorful stunning cakes we have seen!!!!  Andi looked absolutely radiant. She was glowing wit