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Hudson's newborn session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Newborn Photographers

  We had the privilege of meeting Hudson and his mom and grandma for his newborn session at the studio. He was so easy-going and chill the entire time, and my goodness is that child cute. He has the cutest little cheeks and made the best expressions. He did such a wonderful job throughout his entire session, hardly even waking up until the very end. We got some really awesome pictures of him with our new props, like our sailboat. His little tiny feet were the cutest, and we couldn’t get enough of them toes!! We loved everything about his session!!!  Thanks for checking out this handsome little man’s session!  Enjoy!! T.H. Peterson: How did you find out you were pregnant? Was it a surprise? Emily: Finding out I was pregnant was a huge surprise. There were definitely a lot of mixed emotions and some tears, but he’s absolutely the best surprise I’ve ever gotten. T.H. P.: How did you decide on the name Hudson? Emily: Hudson didn’t have his name until after he was born. It was

Interview with Casey Champney - Topeka High Class of 2021 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Casey's session was great. He was very personable and easy going. He told me up front he really didn't want to smile big but he a lot of great expressions. I enjoyed our time together and felt by the end we were able to get some amazing images that really highlighted his personality. I was interested to find out that he plays multiple sports and is in band. Very cool. He expressed how Covid has kept him from seeing his friends at school and how important that interaction is to him. I believe that his outgoing personality and genuineness will take him very far in life. He's a great guy! Thanks for checking out his session and hope you enjoy! T.H. Peterson:  If money was no object, what kind of vehicle would you drive and why? Casey.: 2024 i8 M T.H. P.: What would people be surprised to learn about you? Casey.: I get bored super easily when I'm alone. T.H. P.: What is your favorite thing about going to High School? Casey.:  The interactions with peop

Jersey's Newborn Session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Newborn Photographers

  We had the pleasure of meeting the this beautiful little lady Jersey!  She had the most adorable expressions and personality!  We knew right away that she was going to be so easy to pose and we got some great pictures!  Tabby and Chris have waited so long to have Jersey and you could tell they are deeply in love!  We had so many great images of all three of them.  It was a great, relaxed session and Jersey was so calm and happy.  We are in love with this entire catalog, but here are a few of our favorites!  Enjoy! T.H. Peterson: How did you come up with the name Jersey? Tabitha: First name from the movie '"coyote ugly" and her middle after both my grandma and Chris's grandma. T.H. P.: What did you think when you first saw her? Tabitha: I couldn't believe how perfect she is!!! T.H. P.: What are your hopes and dreams for Jersey? Tabitha: I hope that she grows up a happy, kind and smart person who is happy looking back at her childhood!! T.H. P.

Ryan and Chelsea tie the knot!!! Williams wedding in Delia - Rural Kansas Wedding Photography

They say that when it rains on your wedding day, it signifies a marriage that will endure and outlast anything that comes its way.  The reasoning is when you tie a knot and the knot becomes wet, it is extremely hard to untie.  So, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is just as hard to unravel! Well, Ryan and Chelsea’s marriage will last forever because it poured on us… twice!  And those two were so easygoing and relaxed, it didn’t even phase them!  They were patient and we waited out the rain, and they had PERFECT cloud coverage for their ceremony!  WHOA!   The couple decided to marry right there on their property and it was beautiful!  They set up old doors, hay bales, plenty of fun signs and the entire atmosphere had a very laid back country vibe.  Chelsea looked so stunning in her dress, and Ryan was so excited to see her walk down the aisle!  We could see the love between the two of them, and it was so strong!  The wedding party was a blast too!  We saw fami

TeeJay and Courtney are having a baby!!! Beautiful afternoon session on their property - Scranton KS Maternity and Newborn Photographers

We had the privilege of going out to Courtney and Teejay’s home just outside of Scranton. It is one of the nicest homes we have been to, and their yard looks like something you’d see in a magazine. The couple are really laid back and so mellow, so they made the session fun and easy. They had some adorable little doggies that joined in for a few pictures as well, and Courtney’s best friend can over to help keep the pups calm during the shoot. It was so fun to meet them all and the sunset was breathtaking.  We can’t wait to meet their little girl soon!  Congratulations Teejay and Courtney!! Book your own session by calling Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email