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Small Business Showcase - Faithful Favorites - Lyndon, KS

T.H. Peterson: What inspired you to start Faithful Favorites? Amber: My daughter, Halle!! I wanted her to always have the cutest bows and head wraps to match all her outfits so I started making them for her!!! After she was born I really wanted to be a stay at home mom. By starting Faithful Favorites I have been able to do that!!  T.H. P.: How did you come up with your business' name? Amber: From the moment I found out I was pregnant with our little girl I just knew she would have the same middle name as me! Which is where Faithfulfavorites comes from both my daughter and I middles names are Faith T.H. P.: What are some of your most popular items? Amber: My most popular items are bummies and traditional solid color bows! I mean who doesn’t love a basic color bow perfect to pair with any outfit! T.H. P.: Are customers able to order customized products? Amber: Most definitely! I’m always open to suggestions! If you ever have a color, pattern ,or theme in mind reach out I’d love to c

Small Business Showcase - Rock Creek Cafe - Overbrook, KS

T.H. Peterson: Can you tell me how Rock Creek Cafe came to be? Deborah: The Cafe came to be because of my family.  My grandfather was a key investor and consultant during the remodeling, even making a few  carpentry things for us. My uncle and parents were key people in the remodeling doing all the grunt work themselves. It was a grueling 7 month remodel but we came out all still friends.   T.H. P.: What are your most popular items on the menu? Deborah: I can't pin one item as a main seller at the Cafe.  The Turkey Club is popular as much as our Pork Burger.  Every breakfast and lunch item is popular with our friends that come in to eat! T.H. P.: What are your goals for the cafe? Deborah: Cafe goals are still developing. We will have BBQ once we get all the things built for it that we need. Then we will expand our hours to match our new BBQ menu. T.H. P.: How did you come up with the name? Deborah:  I named the Cafe after the first stop on the Santa Fe Trail on the east side of Ov

Small Business Showcase - Sweat Equity - (Personal Training & Fitness Classes) Topeka, KS

Our latest Small Business Showcase on our blog is a gym called Sweat Equity. As you may know, we’ve been doing these shoots for small businesses and it’s been a blast. We’ve met lots of people and really had a great time working with small business owners on putting together these spotlights that really show off what each business does and why they are finding success in their field. Hannah and Ryan were super fun and great to talk to. I liked their gym and I feel it’s a close knit group of people from all walks of life who want to find a path to a healthy life. Thanks for checking out their shoot! If you own a small business and would like us to do a feature on your business, reach out to our page! We’re doing these free of charge. T.H. Peterson: Tell me a little bit about how you got started with Sweat Equity? How did you come up with the concept and the name? Ryan & Hannah: We both at a bigger gym and we wanted start something with a more intimate, family feel to it.  Our name

Milestone session with Mia - Happy 2nd birthday beautiful! Topeka's Best Baby Photographers

Mia came in with her mom and dad for her 2 year photoshoot and she did an excellent job!  She really enjoyed playing with her bubble machine and yelling RAWR!  She definitely has her mom and dad wrapped around her finger, and we can see why!  She is so sweet and she has some adorable expressions and she really did an amazing job!  Here are some highlights from her 2 year shoot!  ADORABLE!     To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email

Elowyn Nova's newborn session - Interview with mom - Topeka Newborn Photographers

Elowyn did such an amazing job during her newborn session!!  She was easy to pose and slept the whole time. She was so calm and never once fussed. She looked absolutely adorable in her photos, and when we found out her late grandma loved sunflowers, we changed up the props and got some sweet images of her with them!!  How adorable!  It’s hard to pick favorites, but these are a few of ours. Thanks for checking out her session!! T.H. Peterson: What did you do when you found out you were pregnant? How did your husband react? Brooke: My husband and I were done having kids but something just told me to take a pregnancy test. And to my complete surprise, two little lines showed up. I was completely shocked and actually a little scared. I won’t lie, it was a little tough to accept. How were we going to handle 3 kids?? I FaceTimed my husband at work as soon as I found out and he thought I was playing a joke on him until I showed him the test.  T.H. P.: How did you come up with her name? Brook