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Holly had the pleasure of photographing Audrey as she is only days old. A beautiful and photogenic subject. More to come

The Laniers

Photoshoot with John, Vanessa and the beautiful Eva... Some of our favs from the shoot... What a beautiful day for portraits! The weather was wonderful and the location was perfect. These are some of our favorites from the shoot. More to come later!

Nicole leaves for the airforce

I've known Janet and her two girls Nicole and Morgan for a long time. I used to work with Janet and I've known Janet and her kids long enough to remember when her girls were just very young teenagers. Now their young ladies. Her oldest Nicole is leaving very soon for the airforce. I was asked to photograph some portraits of them before she left. It might be a long time before mom gets to see her and I thought, what a perfect opportunity to get creative and do something that this family will treasure forever. Here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot! An emotional parting! Nicole says bye! They love each other. My favorite family portrait from that day! Thanks to Janet for allowing me to capture a very special and bittersweet time in their lives!

mo on the street

For those who know me, I loooooovvvvve emotional portraits. I feel that textures are great ways to convey this! Recently, we took Mo out for a photoshoot in Burlingame. That town has very cool old buildings and textures to be found. Here are some of our favorite shots from that day!