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Interview with Taylor Croucher - Seaman High Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

 If I had to say one specific thing I loved about Taylor's shoot was when she smiled, I was mesmerized. She has such a pretty smile!!! We started off in the country and then headed into town and got photos in Osage City. The weather was so absolutely beautiful and so perfect for her session. We really enjoyed ourselves and the locations were great for her. I especially enjoyed having her mom and dad tag along and they actually were able to get some of her best smiles she gave me during her session!!! She's a sweet girl with a really great family. Super awesome to meet them. I love how her photos turned out. I know you'll love them too! Make sure to check out her interview and at the very bottom make sure to check out her slideshow. It's really cool!! T.H. Peterson:  What’s your favorite thing about being a student at Seaman High? Taylor:  My favorite thing about school would probably be the teachers. They always joke around and have fun and help me if I need it. T

Interview with Jonathan Clark - SFT Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Our session with Jonathan was a blast. He's hilarious. He definitely made us laugh and I thoroughly enjoyed his session. We took them at two locations. Forbes Field and at Foley Equipment. These were two awesome spots for his shoot as he will be in the Air National Guard and mechanics runs in the family. We photographed his brother's session Austen and he's a mechanic too. It was fun seeing the similarities of both shoots but they definitely had their own uniqueness to them. One thing I especially loved about Jon's shoot was the weather. It had poured so we were standing in ankle deep water but the clouds were so intense and dramatic. It made for a very cool setting. Photographing Jonathan was easy. He's a good model and I especially love his personality. He's funny but in a subtle way. And he'll definitely crack you up. Thanks for checking out his blog post and make sure to read his interview. And also included below is his slideshow. Have a great day

Interview with Emily Gordon - Washburn Rural Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

  I am thrilled to share Emily's senior session with you today! Emily is a beautiful young lady with a great smile, an amazing personality and passion. We spent a couple hours photographing her downtown Topeka and eventually ended at the Jayhawk Theater. That was the perfect location for her. She is a thespian and that was truly a perfect spot for her! We also photographed her in her mom's shirt from when she was a senior and had her senior portrait on the shirt itself. That was a first for me but it was awesome recreating the pose and including that in her shoot. Within minutes I could see how cool she was, how much personality she has and how unique of a girl she is. She's her own person and I think these captured that charisma beautifully. Thank you for checking out Emily's interview. At the end you'll find her slideshow as well! That's a lot of fun to watch! T.H. Peterson:   I’ve always heard great things about Washburn Rural. What do you like most

Interview with Mia Gilbert - Santa Fe Trail Class of 2018 - Topeka's Premier Senior Portrait Photographers

You would think that if it rained you couldn't do your senior portraits. Not only did we do them for Mia, but it gave a very unique and dramatic touch to her session. We photographed these at the families favorite vacation spot near Lawrence. A private lake that was an amazing backdrop for her session. We had a great time with Mia! She is super sweet and has a beautiful smile. I love her giggle! Something extremely cool happened during her shoot. Even though it was raining we still got the most beautiful sunset in the horizon. I think this was a first for us. Super excited to share these. Hope you love them as much as we do!! T.H. Peterson:  We got a little history behind the location for your session, what’s your favorite memory from the lodge growing up? Mia:   I have so many great memories from Lakeview! Some of the most memorable ones would be the Halloween parties they would throw at the lodge. Everyone would dress up and play games!  T.H. P.:   Working with the rain