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Interview with Xavier Cross - Southern Coffey County High - Kansas Top Senior Portrait Photographers

My first impression of Xavier was how confident he seemed and how mature he seemed for his age. Sure he joked around and had a great sense of humor but he seemed very confident and sure of himself. Mom later told me he's like an old man. I can see it. He's a good guy, I can tell. He's been through a lot and I think that's helped cultivate him into the young man he is. It was an absolute pleasure photographing him and sincerely one of the best sessions I've photographed in a long time. I am so happy with the results. Very dramatic and I think they really showcase him well! T.H. Peterson: What are your plans after high school? Xavier: Work on the road/make money.  T.H. P.: What would your dream job be? Xavier: Be a hunting guide.  T.H. P.: What would people be surprised to learn about you? Xavier: I’m actually a chef (I make my own jerky and summer sausage) and that I’m one of the youngest  old men you’ll will ever meet. T.H. P.: What goals do you have set for yourse

Interview with Gage Dunworth - Topeka West Class of 2024 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Gage is one of the coolest dudes I have ever met. I loved his laid back personality and his subtle confidence. I told him his hair and bandana reminded me of an 80s movie (and that I meant that completely as a compliment) and he laughed and he loved that I told him that lol! He was such a good sport and willing to try anything! We started out at the skate park and got great images and then headed downtown and got more images that I really think showed off his personality and his style well. These are some of our favorite images. He had so many incredible images and moments. Thanks for checking out Gage's session! T.H. Peterson: What are your plans after high school? Gage: Work   T.H. P.: What classes are you enjoying most this year? Gage: Photography and Weights T.H. P.: Which classes are you glad to be done with? Gage: My math classes  T.H. P.: How long have you been skating? Gage: Just over a year  T.H. P.: Have you ever been injured on your board? Gage: I fell on a big hill in O

Robyn with the kids on the blog! Amazing Fall family Session - Topeka's Best Family Photographers

I always love spending time with these guys and capturing beautiful family portraits of them. I've been blessed to have photographed senior sessions for them and family sessions as well. It's always an awesome time and they are so photogenic!! Narrowing down my favorites this time for their blog post was a challenge because they did so great! Here's a handful of the ones I really loved!! Thanks for checking them out!! Enjoy! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email  

Interview with Colson Branson - SFT Class of 2024 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Colson's shoot was incredible! Mom reached out to me several months ago about wanting senior photos at first snow. And I thought, that's awesome, I just hope we can work it out with schedules, etc. And sure enough we were able to and we got the best session ever! Colson is passionate about hunting and so to be able to get these in the snow like this was just incredible. A session I won't forget anytime soon!! He's a great model, with an awesome smile and great personality! He was a blast to hang out with and I loved hanging out with his parents on the shoot too! Overall, I'm thrilled with the results and very excited to show them to you today! T.H. Peterson: What are your plans after high school? Colson: Zoological veterinarian. T.H. P.: What classes are you glad to be done with?  Colson: Spanish. T.H. P.: Do you like hunting with bow or rifle more?  Colson: Bow because it gives hunting a challenge. T.H. P.: What is your proudest memory hunting? Colson: My first de