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What do you charge for portraits?

I get that question all the time. It's a good one worth posting here because I know lots of you are wondering that! My answer depends on what you want photographed. Currently, we are charging $50 an hour for every hour we're shooting you. That $50 goes towards the purchase of whatever you want to purchase from what we offer. We sell our photographs in units. A unit is: 1 - 8x10 or 2 - 5x7s (of the same pose) or 4 - 3x5s (of the same pose) or 8 - wallets (of the same pose) or 12 - compact wallets (of the same pose) Each unit is usually around $10 and you can purchase these units of your favorite poses at the minimum of whatever we're charging for your session, ie. $50 for one hour, $100 for two hours. We do have larger prints but these take up more than one unit. They include: 11x14 = 5 units 16x20 = 10 units 20x24 = 15 units 30x40 = 25 units CD w/full copyright = 1 unit per image purchased These prices are subject to change and reflect typical single

A group of beautiful pets!

Recently we spent some time photographing some beautiful pets of a client of ours. Here are some of our favorite shots from the session. Indoor shot of this beautiful dog by window light. Their couch and window made for really beautiful portraits. To schedule your own pet portrait session, call us at 785.213.0812. or email us at Make sure to visit our new website at Thanks for visiting our blog, come back often to see new portrait sessions and news.


Recently we had the opportunity to photograph a very nice young person named Kenze. She was very photogenic and was fun to photograph. The leaves were so nice out and the weather was just perfect! Here's some of our favorite shots from the session. Enjoy! Call for your own session! 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812. Also, if you haven't had a chance yet,  check out our main site !

1st Annual Christmas Pet Portraits 2009

(double click on photo to enlarge) That's right folks! If you'd like to have your pooch photographed for Christmas portraits, here's your chance! T.H. Peterson Photography along with D.O. Dog Grooming in Scranton, KS have teamed up to bring you the "1st Annual Christmas Pet Portraits Event 2009". If you have a pet and would like special holiday portraits of you with your furry friend or would like them photographed by themselves or with St. Nick, just call Opal Michaels from D.O. Dog Grooming to reserve your session at 793.2200. 2 Days only, Nov 21st and Dec 5th. Very limited spaces are filling up very fast. Prices are very reasonable and the portraits will be back in plenty of time to send out with Christmas cards. Every session booked will receive 48 mini wallets, regardless of the package purchased. Call today!

Junior High Halloween Costume Party at The Dance Spot

We had so much fun at the Jr High Halloween Costume Party. Here are just some of the many shots we took of everyone in their fun and very unique costumes. The kids were great. They hammed it up in front of the camera which made for a very fun time! If you are interested in receiving every image we took at the party, please email us at Feel free to right click and save the images here to post on your myspace or facebooks however. But we photographed around 300 images at the party and if you are interested in receiving the full resolution images and full copyright, just email me and we'll give you instructions on how to receive them. Enjoy! and please leave your comments about what you think about these! Also, while you're here, please take time to look at our other work and see what we do. We specialize in portraits of families, children and seniors. If interested in having your family photographed, let us know!!!