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Interview with Michaella Seastrom - 2017 Santa Fe Trail H.S. Grad - SFT - Osage County's Premier Senior Portrait Photographers

 WOW!!! Recently we spent some time with a lovely senior from Santa Fe Trail, our local high school, just west of Carbondale and Scranton! Michaella was super fun to hang out with and photograph. She was totally relaxed and in her interview you'll read she says she's shy, you would have never known! We hit it off and had a great time together!! I love how her session turned out! We shot some at Shawnee Lake and some downtown in Topeka. It was a really great session overall and here are some of our favorites!!! Hope you enjoy!! Make sure to read her interview as well!! T.H. Peterson:  What do you like most about going to SFT? Michaella:  I like how close you can get with some of the teachers since we're such a small school.  You can really get a lot of 1 on 1 time when you need help. T.H. P.:  Where would you like to go to college and for what? Michaella:  Right now I'm thinking of going to Colby or independence community college for my associates in vet tech

Interview with Ross Henderson - 2017 Burlington HS Grad - Topeka, Emporia, Lebo, Senior Portraits

 I've been super excited to blog Ross's session. Ross is a 2017 senior from Burlington High. We actually did his whole session on his family's 80+ acres outside of Burlington. It was the PERFECT day for a session. The weather was insanely beautiful. The clouds were the perfect backdrop for a great shoot. Ross is such a nice guy and smiled awesome for his portraits. Lots of guys seem annoyed they even have to do photos. It usually takes a bit to get them to warm up. Not Ross!! He did perfect! He's got a smile that you want to smile back at! I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with his dad as he drove us around his property and then with his family as we did photos of them after his shoot. All in all, Ross spent 4 hours with us but the time flew by because we had that much of a fun time. I love shoots like that!! One thing about Ross's session that I especially love is how much his session ranges in looks. We have some dramatic images. We have some nice closeups

Interview with 2017 Washburn Rural H.S. Grad! Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

 We had an incredible session with Maddy! She was such a perfect model for us! We love shooting seniors just about as much as anything. And Maddy was no exception! We photographed hers mid morning and the skies were dramatic and emiting the softest light ever!! It was perfect for her shoot!! Maddy is a beautiful young lady with a great smile! Her session lasted only around an hr but it was full of great images and I think it really showed off not only her beauty but her personality as well. I think you'll love her blog post and interview!!! Enjoy! T.H. Peterson:  What do you like best about Washburn Rural? Maddy:  The best thing about Washburn rural is the opportunities it's has provided. Like the clubs, classes and chances to meet new people. T.H. P.:  What’s your favorite board game? Maddy:  My board game would probably be Monopoly Jr. because it's like monopoly but you don't hate everyone as much after you play it. T.H. P.: Where would you

Interview with Jazz Sweet - 2017 Shawnee Heights Grad - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

 Our latest senior session was with Jazz Sweet from Shawnee Heights! She was very fun to photograph and I love how her session turned out! I think it shows her personality and beauty off well!! She had a great session with lots of looks and her locations were awesome. Her shoot had the most perfect weather. It was beautiful out! The light and clouds and temps were amazing!! That's when I am so happy doing what I do!! Jazz is a very friendly, smart and competitive girl! So glad we got to do a shoot with her!! Here's a few of our favorite images from her session along with a short interview! These are always fun to read! Enjoy! T.H. Peterson:  Jzanasia is such a unique name! Never heard anything like it. I know you go by Jazz but can you tell me about your name, how your parents came up with it? Jazz:  My parents just put two name together. So it is made up. T.H. P.:  So I read you made the Volleyball US National Team! That’s so awesome!! What do you love most about play