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Shelby Currie, 2012 Seaman High School Senior, Topeka, Mayetta, Hoyt, Holton, KS, Senior Portrait Photographer

 Everytime I photograph a senior, I feel like this is all I want to do. But alas, I do love my children and families too. But the truth is, there is nothing like photographing high school seniors. And certainly Shelby was no exception. In fact, I had so much fun with our beautiful model from Seaman High School, I could have shot for hours and hours more if we had the time. She had lots of great ideas and worked so good in front of the camera.  She had soooo many amazing images, but as usual, I had to narrow them down to our favorites. Here we go!  Shelby had this great idea to photograph with a couple different horses and I was totally down. The horse was beautiful and let us and Shelby do pretty much whatever we wanted. I am very excited about how these turned out!   Is this not the cutest pony you've ever seen?! It's been hot lately, but fortunately the weather, while warm, was actually really nice for portraits yesterday. The late afternoon sun was so beautiful and

Dillon Collins - 2012 Silverlake High School Senior, Topeka, Auburn, Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas Senior Portrait Photographers

Last week we photographed Dillon from Silverlake. He's a senior next year and mom said he was a little reluctant to have his photos taken, but it didn't take him long before we were having a ball. Dillon is a cool dude and I loved photographing him outside. We found this old abandoned house just outside Silverlake and we had to use it! What a cool spot! Silverlake is a nice little town and while it's not big, it's got lots of personality and good locations to photograph. Dillon plays golf and I was pumped about the opportunity to take some creative shots of him on the golf course. Loved photographing Dillon and as usual I felt I made new friends that day! Thanks Misty for all your help. To book your own senior portrait session, please call Tommy or Holly at a785.213.0812 or 785.793.2492 or email us at

Ed, Monica and Bryce - Kansas Portrait Photographer

Recently while back home in Louisiana, I spent some time with my cousin Ed and his awesome family. Here's some fun shots at the park in Golden Meadow.  Ed's a chicken nugget! to book your own portrait session, call Tommy or Holly at 785.213.0812 or email us at

Emily Schmidt - 2012 Perry Lecompton High Senior Senior - Lawrence, Topeka, Senior Portrait Photographer

A couple days ago, we had a great time photographing our newest senior Emily from Perry!! She was excited about her portraits and up for anything. We really had an awesome time with her and am very pleased with the results! She had lots of expressions and posed great! These were all shot in Perry, and while it is a small town, I loved the buildings there and found the locations to be really cool.  I am really happy that we had the opportunity to photograph Emily for her senior portraits and look forward to sharing the rest of them with her! To book your own senior portrait session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.213.0812 or 785.793.2492 or email us at

The Smith Family - Scranton, Topeka, Osage County, KS Family Portrait Photographers

Today was fun!!! Love relaxed and laid back sessions like this! This mornings session was with the very fun and animated Smith Family! Tim, Andrea, Austin, Tambour, Ian and the beautiful Tiana! They were a blast to photograph and I am very pleased with their results! Ian was a contestant in our preteen contest and so I was really happy to have the opportunity to photograph these guys.  Tambour was such a happy guy. I loved his smile! I loved photographing Austin. He relaxed after a while and I think his images really showed off his personality. Here is Ian. A good looking dude who didn't want to smile for the camera. I had to be quick and watch for his funny side. Tiana is a little dancer. You can tell. She is quite the poser! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot of the kids! Absolutely love this shot of Austin! Can you see how much fun these guys were to photograph? Guys, I had so much fun with you. I love your family chemistry! It's why I love doing family po

Chey - Winner of our Tween Girl's Contest! - Scranton, Topeka, Ottawa, KS children, family portrait photographer

Earlier today, I had such a good time photographing our winner of our adorable winner of our Tween's Girl Contest. Mom and sister were on hand to have fun with us! Chey was a little nervous at first but she did so good the whole session I hardly noticed. Tori jumped in a few shots to show some sisterly love. New location I found here in Scranton. I absolutely love it. I'll definitely be back. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SMILE!!!! Cool fun session that I really truly enjoyed. Beautiful young girl and a great attitude. I am really thankful that everyone voted for her and that we had an opportunity to get to do this for her.