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Leia's maternity session - Osage County Lake - Topeka's Baby and Newborn Photographers

We have been photographing the Neu family for years, and we were so excited to meet up with Leia, John and Madilynn to do some family/maternity pictures for them!  We decided to go to Osage State Fishing Lake since it is close, beautiful and has the country look that they wanted.  It sure was windy, but we worked around it and got some adorable shots of them!  We really enjoyed how excited Madilynn got when they gave her candy Easter eggs!  She did a wonderful job posing for us!  Mom and dad look so in love and they sure are wonderful parents.  We are so excited to meet their newest baby, as she is expected to make her debut this week!  Thank you for checking out this adorable session! T.H. Peterson:  How did you find out you were pregnant?  Were you shocked or was it expected? Leia:  Truthfully it was unexpected we were trying but I had just taken a test two weeks prior to when we found out and it came back negative and then I went on vacation and I just didn't feel well

Hooper's Front Porch Shoot - Sherwood Lake - Topeka's Family Photographers

  We pulled up to the Hooper’s home and instantly were transformed back to the old days.  This house had such a Southern feel with its big porch , the pillars and the way it was decorated, especially since they had Sherwood Lake in their backyard!!!  We met up with Michael, Bridgette, Peyton, Tucker and their dog, Cooper Hooper!  We loved everything about this family and their awesome home!  They had such an amazing session, and we even got to include their cat, Oreo! We know you enjoy this awesome session! ( Sign up for your own Front Porch Session) Sign up for your own Front Porch Session at this link!

Malone Family - Front Porch Sessions - Topeka's Family Photographers

  We had the privilege of meeting the Malone family at their house to do some front porch pictures . We were greeted by Katie, Caleb, Maddox, and Reese.  They are such a great family!  This was a special session for them since they are building a new house, and will soon move from their current home.  They wanted to get some pictures so they could remember their first home together, and we were so happy they chose us to photograph them!  We loved the front porch pictures with their dog, Rocky!  And we really loved the street pictures!  Katie told us how our next session that day was her sister, so we had an idea to take pictures of each family and photoshop them together!  We all cracked up at the end of each session as the Hooper family posed!  What a cool idea!  We hope you get a kick out of this unique session! (Book your own front porch portraits here!) Book your own Front Porch Session!

Sofia's Newborn Session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Newborn Photographers

Sofia made her debut a few weeks ago and she Still so tiny when she came in for her session. We were shocked that she was three weeks old, she just has the tiniest little features and so much hair. She did such a wonderful job for her session, and we just loved having her older sister there to watch. You can tell that mom, dad and grandma are so proud of these girls!!  It was a really special session for their family, and we got some great family pictures towards the end. Sofia did a wonderful job staying asleep and posing for us. We love this session and we know you will too. T.H. Peterson:   How did you find out you were pregnant? Was it a shock or expected? Alejandra: I first found out I was pregnant in July of 2019. It was definitely a shock since we had just lost our first baby weeks prior to this. So Sofia was our rainbow baby.   T.H. P.:   How did your other child react to seeing Sofia for the first time? Alejandra: Elise had actually cried when we FaceTimed

Noah's 6 month shoot - First Year Baby Plan - Topeka's Best Baby Photographers

 For Noah's six month shoot, we did them at his house and as we drove up, we were so excited! The house and property were beautiful and perfect for a shoot! Lots of lush green grass and shade and places that let in gorgeous amounts of late day sun in. It was the perfect afternoon. Also not windy at all which is always a plus, especially here in Kansas! Noah has such a big personality and it came shining through. He had such a cute smile and you can tell he loves his family and vice versa! Super thrilled with how these turned out. Hope you enjoy the session as well! If you'd like info on our first year baby plan, which is what Noah's in, go to this link! Get info on our First Year Baby Plan here! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email