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Interview with Ashley Rietcheck - 2017 Rossville High School Grad - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

We had such an awesome time with Ashley! She was such an amazing subject! Don't believe me?! Just check out these photos!! Ashley was a great model and I loved her outfits and the locations we chose! It was a warm afternoon, I pretty much started sweating the second we stepped out the car lol but it was such an great shoot I didn't care! Part of why it was so humid is it was about to start raining! In fact as soon as we got to the Kansas Museum it started raining, but the amazing thing was how the clouds looked because of it! All around Ashley's session was the kind of shoot I love. She's super photogenic and was motivated and excited for everything we did! Here's some highlights from her shoot as well as our interview we like to do with all of our seniors! Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment and share!! T.H. Peterson:  What are you going to miss most about Rossville when you graduate? Ashley:  The small town community and being involved in all the gr

Interview with Walker Bassett - Kicker for Seaman High and 2017 Grad - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

Our session with Walker was killer. We started off at Seaman on the football field and ended at his grandpa's property where we were able to get some seriously beautiful scenes. I loved shooting out there. When it was all said and done we ended the shoot by jumping in the pool. It was night time but we were able to get some incredible dives and jumps in the pool. It was seriously one of the most fun shoots! It was so hot getting splashed by the pool water was great. Walker is a cool dude. He's laid back but opinionated, in a good way. He's decisive, he knows what he likes. He's got a positive attitude. He's hilarious as you'll be able to tell in the interview below. All around a great shoot! Glad we were able to do it! T.H. Peterson:  What makes Seaman the best school in Topeka? Walker:  Seaman definitely has some of the best teachers and school spirit in Topeka. Seaman community also has a family feeling. T.H. P.:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Stromgren - Marple Wedding - Kyle and Anne's Incredibly beautiful wedding - Circle S Ranch - Lawrence, KS

I can't even explain how excited I felt when I pulled into Circle S Ranch  just north of Lawrence, KS. It truly was one of the most amazing wedding locations I've ever been to. Even the gravel road that we took off the highway to get there was so beautiful in the hills and the winding road got me excited to see what we were about to get to! Honestly it was the perfect location for Kyle and Anne's wedding. If they wanted the perfect backdrop and location to celebrate their love, then this was it! The one downside if there was any was that it was WARM! It was a hot day but that's Kansas for you! However, this was a perfect wedding. Their friends and families were so awesome. Kyle and Anne are so blessed to have the support system they have! The speeches were amazing during the toasts. It was an emotional and beautiful moment. To top all of that off, Anne is so beautiful. I felt like I was photographing for a bridal magazine. I truly felt honored to be a part of their we

Lil Mr Camden - 3 month session - First Year Baby Plan - Topeka's Best Baby Photographers

If you wanted to see an adorable baby, you came to the right place!! What a cutie pie!! Camden is 3 months old and he is in our First Year Baby plan and you will be seeing more of him on our blog. He's coming back for his 6, 9 and 12 month sessions so you'll be able to see him grow up big and tall!! Can't wait! Though his session was short and sweet, Camden is an adorable and sweet baby. He has lots of personality for 3 months and the fact that we got happy smiles is awesome for his age! Hope you enjoy! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email Get more info about our First Year Baby PLan by clicking here!!

Bentley's 3 month session - First Year Baby Plan - Topeka's Best Baby Photographers

LOL! Look at that face. Bentley was certainly full of faces and expressions. So cute! I crack up everytime I see this picture. He was a happy baby and his session was great! I remember jus t 3 months ago we did his newborn shoot and he was the most even tempered baby, he slept most of the time. Bentley is in our First Year Baby Plan so you'll be seeing lots more of him in his first year! Thanks for checking out his shoot and hope you enjoy! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email For more info on our First Year Baby Plan, please check out this link!