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Jewel Oceana Peterson - The newest arrival in the Peterson house is here! A very personal blog post

 I am so happy to be able to blog this so soon after Jewel was born. I was able to put together a blog post shortly after Olympas was born and I'm thankful that I can do the same thing for Jewel. I decided to do this one a little different and instead of just posting what I remember happening, I decided to interview Holly (my wife) and allow her to tell her side of the story. She is a lot better at explaining and elaborating on things than I am. I know that it will be wonderful to be able to come back and read this post in the years to come. Here is the story of Jewel's birth as well as Holly's pregnancy and labor. And at the very end, is a beautiful tribute to our dog Nike. Tommy:  When did you know it was time to go to the hospital? Holly:  Since Olympas came so fast,    I was told by several nurses to not wait til the last minute. To be more cautious and come in earlier. I went to bed on Fri night having contractions and thought I would get some sleep. I woke up