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Interview with Haylee Weiss - Emporia High - Class of 2019 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

So excited to share Haylee's session. She was such a great subject. First of all, it was a perfect beautiful day and Haylee was such a smiley person. Genuinely a friendly, happy, feisty person. We shared lots of laughs and fun memories.  In a short amount of time I realized how smart, hard working she is and that she is dedicated to what she is passionate about, no matter what it is. It was an honor to photograph her and I love the results. I was also impressed with her interview. Very thoughtful young lady. Enjoy. T.H. Peterson:   What is the best thing about going to Emporia high? Haylee:  I love the opportunities Emporia offers it’s students. There’s something for everyone. It makes it super fun and easy to get involved.   T.H. P.:   What are your plans after high school? Haylee:  After high school I want to study kinesiology, and join a pre-chiropractic program. I’m undecided on where I’m going further my education.     T.H. P.:   Favorite class you ha

Interview with Jeimmy Perez - Hayden High - Class of 2019 - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

 Very happy to share our session with Jeimmy! She goes to Hayden High and it was such a beautiful afternoon. She had her family with her and we went around some of our favorite locations and we were able to get some really nice variety but some of my favorites from her session were her country images. Those looked amazing! I really loved how she incorporated the American flag and Mexican flag. That made for a killer background. Really creative and beautiful. Overall, I think her session rocked and I'm happy we were able to create some amazing images with her. Hope you enjoy. Nice interview as well. Check it out! T.H. Peterson:  Favorite thing about going to Hayden? Jeimmy:  My favorite thing about going to Hayden is getting to see my friends and having fun at school dances. T.H. P.:  Best Mexican restaurant in Topeka? Jeimmy:  My favorite Mexican restaurant is Los Charros. T.H. P.:  What is the best advice your mom has ever given you? Jeimmy:  The bes

Interview with Bailey Adams - Seaman High - Class of 2019 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Not gonna lie, Bailey's session might be one of my favorite sessions ever. She killed it. We started off with some hip hop dancing and that was incredible. We also took some around downtown and got some beautiful images as the skies were extremely dramatic and a powerful backdrop for her session. We then headed to the Kansas Governor's Mansion and were able to catch the most perfect sunset. Bailey looked amazing in those photos. Those were by far some of my favorites from her session. I had fun photographing Bailey. She was easy to talk to, easy to photograph and had a good connection with the camera. Thrilled with the results. I hope you enjoy checking these out and make sure to read her interview. Great answers!! T.H. Peterson:  Best part about going to Seaman High? Bailey:  The best part about going to Seaman High is getting to opportunity to be on the Vikettes. Being with my team and seeing them during the school day never fails to bring me happiness. 

Interview with Griffin Gaggero - Shawnee Heights Class of 2019 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

 I LOVED shooting Griffin's session. Straight up, he was one of the happiest, smiliest seniors I've ever worked with. He was so easy going and laid back, that photographing him was incredibly fun and easy. I remember my high school years and hanging around Griffin for a couple hours made me wish I would have been more confident and sure of myself like him. I honestly admire that about him and I only was around him for a little while. He's a really great guy and I'm thankful for the opportunity to have photographed him. When I found out he had a long board, I was excited because I knew there was plenty we could do with it and I wanted it to look amazing. After a quick couple hours, we actually ended the shoot at the Kansas Museum and did a few family photos. His family was great and his siblings were just as nice and smiley as him. I sincerely enjoyed my experience with them. In my opinion, you can tell from a set of portraits how the chemistry is between a photographe