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Luis, Jordon and Aaliyah on the blog! Scranton, Topeka, KS Kids photographer

Tommy and Holly Peterson 785.793.2492  |  785.213.0812 Scranton, KS

Kelsey Garrison - 2013 Santa Fe Trail High Senior - Overbrook, Scranton, KS Senior portrait photographer

 Last week we had a blast with Kelsey rocking out her senior session! Started in the studio and took it outdoors for an amazing session on the farm! Here's a few of our favorites!!! Big thanks to Kelsey for an amazing session!!! To book your own session please call Tommy or Holly at 785.213.0812 or 785.793.2492 or just email us at

Dillon Swinehart - 2013 Lyndon High Senior Portraits - Osage County, KS senior portrait photographers

 Recently we had a great time hanging out with Dillon and shooting a great senior session with him. The weather was wonderful and Dillon did great! He really had an incredible amount of amazing images. Here's a few of our favorites! Big thanks to Dillon for an awesome session!!! To book your own session please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email us at

Traci and Cory tie the knot! Topeka, KS Wedding Photographers

  There's a lot that could be said about Traci and Cory's big day but I will say this, it was beautiful. It was very emotional and very special. Lots of love and laughs and tears on their special day. Without getting into the details a very close and dear family member and friend, Jason passed away leaving a beautiful wife and adorable children. It was truly one of the saddest and most emotional weddings I've been a part of for this very reason. But while their were times of reminiscing and tears being shed, you could just tell how strong the love in this family was for each other and Jason and it made the whole day just that much more amazing. Here's a collection of some of our favorite moments from the day. The JW pin was in memory of Jason. All the men wear wearing it and it was nice touch to the wedding.  Just moments before the I DOs!  Love the tux!  So many happy faces! What else co