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Interview with Jobe Haverkamp - Hayden High Class of 2024 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Jobe is a good dude. I had a lot of fun on this early morning sunrise senior session. We started off at the golf course and got some great shots on the green. He has such a fun and down to earth personality. I can really appreciate how he was into the session as well. That made it even more fun for me. We started off at the golf course, moved to Shawnee Lake and then the capitol. He had a very unique session and I love what we were able to get for him! I hope I get more opportunities to shoot on the golf course!! T.H. Peterson: What are your plans after high school? Jobe: I have been accepted to the K-State engineering program. My major will be construction science and management. T.H. P.: What classes are you glad to be done with? Jobe: Personally, I think I’m ready to be done with high school in general. T.H. P.: What would you say is a dream job? Jobe: My dream is to own my own business. T.H. P.: Something about your session you enjoyed? Jobe: I loved the vibe of the session, It mak

Interview with Kadence Hundley - Hayden High Class of 2024 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

We had fun with Kadence! She’s very photogenic and we got tons of great images of her! We started at the capitol and explored different areas there and then headed to get some shots in the alleys near downtown. All in all she had a really fun shoot with us. I loved her smile but she definitely can pull off a serious look too! She has a confidence in her expression that makes her even more beautiful in front of the camera! These are a few of our favorites. We hope you like them! Enjoy! T.H. Peterson: What are your plans after high school? Kadence.: Be a daycare provider or ultrasound tech. T.H. P.: What classes are you glad to be done with? Kadence.: Algebra. T.H. P.: What do you enjoy about Hayden? Kadence.: The environment and teachers. T.H. P.: What would you consider a dream job? Kadence.: Owning multiple daycares. T.H. P.: What is something you liked about your shoot with us?  Kadence.: Very fun and comfortable. T.H. P.: How would friends describe you? Kadence.: Nice and caring. T.

Interview with Makayla Ekis - Washburn Rural Class of 2024 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Okay, let me tell you about Makayla. She was FUN! I liked her energy! She was relaxed and just very easy going. I was excited legitimately because she looked so natural and beautiful in her photos but afterwards when I began editing, I was actually surprised how amazing her session came out! She just has such a naturally photogenic look no matter what, so it was a great session. We took them at Ward Meade Park and then we went downtown and ended at her the softball fields at Washburn Rural. All in all, an amazing session and I'm so happy to share with you all today! Thanks for checking out her session! T.H. Peterson: What are you enjoying most about your senior year? Makayla: I decided to try new sports and activities this year and I’m loving it.  T.H. P.: What classes are you glad to be done with? Makayla: I’m glad to be done with science, math and history. They’ve never been my favorite.  T.H. P.: What are your plans after high school? Makayla: I plan to go to college and keep pl

Kohen's newborn session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Newborn Photographers

Our session with Kohen was adorable! He is such a cute baby! He was such a great model for us! We want babies to sleep for their sessions but sometimes they give us the most adorable expressions when they're awake and they'll stare at the camera. That's always the cutest!! We loved having Kohen and his family in the studio! Here's some of our favorites!! T.H. Peterson: What was your pregnancy like? Did you have morning sickness? Food aversions or food cravings? Bridgette: I’ve been blessed so far to have pretty uneventful, “easy” pregnancies. No morning sickness and this pregnancy I didn’t really have many cravings or food aversions. The only thing that sticks out to me was for a solid couple of weeks I constantly craved Sonic onion rings with ketchup.  T.H. P.: How did you come up with Kohen's name? Bridgette: We wanted a name that we don’t hear very often or know anyone personally with the same name and I believe I originally came across it on Pinterest. He shares