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Nicole Briann - 2012 Seaman High School Senior - Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City Senior Portrait Photographers

Last week we had fun time with Nicole, a BEAUTIFUL senior from Seaman High School. She was just gorgeous so picking just a few felt impossible. Here's just a few of our favorites!! Nicole knew exactly how to give us good attitude in her look, but she was a sweet girl with a beautiful smile that we got a chance to see more of the longer we shot with her. I love this dress on Nicole. So pretty! One of me and Holly's favorite shots from the entire shoot. She is just a natural beauty and we feel fortunate to have photographed her! To book your own senior portrait session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email us at

Little Will - Hanging with Paw Paw - Kansas, Louisiana, Children's Portrait Photographer

While I was down in Louisiana, I photographed my cousin's adorable little boy. He is so cute, getting cute shots of him was easy as pie. Will is only almost a year and a half so getting his attention was a little bit of a challenge, LOL. But he had some adorable expressions. Big thanks to Ms. Bethany Rodrigue for her help assisting me. We had a good time talking photography and am happy to see how she grows photographically. Anyways, here's some of our favorite shots! Will stops to smell the flowers. How cute! I think he liked it up there in the tree. Grandpa helps him swing! I had a good time with Will and with mom Jennifer. Again big thanks to Bethany for helping! To inquire about our photography, please check out or email or call 785.213.0812

Alex Axlund - 2012 Lawrence High School Senior - Topeka, Lecompton, Senior Portrait Photographer

Last week, we had the pleasure of photographing one of the sweetest senior girls we have ever met. Alex is a senior at Lawrence High and her session was just down right incredible! Mom had and idea to photograph her on her horse and the field was just perfect and beautiful for that! Bullet was the horses name and it was a little camera shy at first. But it finally got used to us being around :)  I thought Alex did amazing and looked stunning with her horse! One thing I loved about Alex was her willingness to try anything and wasn't afraid to get a little dirt on her clothes. Just a beautiful smile! She made our jobs easy!!! I kept teasing her that I thought she looked like Katie Couric!! The resemblance is amazing. This is Skip, their Jack Russell Terrier. We have two of them so Moses, our son, instantly bonded with Skip! They have ten rescue dogs! All the dogs were so friendly!!! Just like their owners! Here's Shorty, a miniture mule. Totally cute! We had

Duece and family in the vineyard - Fieldstone Vineyard, Overbrook, KS - Children and Family Portrait Photographers

Love these boots Duece was wearing! Anyway, down at Fieldstone Orchard in Overbrook, is a great place for family photos. So beautiful!!! It was a fun and relaxed time!! To book your own family portrait session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email us at

Tabby and Chris's Big DAY!!! Eisenhower Park Lake, KS - June 11, 2011

June 11 was one very special day! It was the day that Chris and Tabby made it official and brought all their friends and family together for a celebration that demonstrated everyone how much they loved one another. With literally thousands of amazing and moving images from the day, it was a crazy hard decision as to what images to post here. Here are just a few of our absolute favorites. Mickey and Tabby battle it out as they prep for Tabby and her daddy's dance. So many wonderful moments shared between family and friends this day! Love these crazy girls! Smoochy Smoochy Kissy Kissy It's so obvious that these guys are madly in love!! Gotta wonder what's going on! Chris breaking it down with Tabby's bro! Get it Missy! A little excited are we?! LOVE IT! We had such an amazing time at Chris and Tabby's wedding!!! What a fun and relaxed reception. So much dancing, laughing and havin