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Isaac on the blog!!! First Year Baby Plan - Topeka's Best Children's Photographers

 You may remember seeing Isaac on our blog before. It's because he's in our First Year Baby Plan and although he's well past a year now, we are still taking his photos and we've extended his sessions to cover closer to two years. And this is great because he is now around a year and a half and he is so cute and full of personality. He is talking and responding and even posing lol!! Isaac did so great for his session. There are so many photos from his shoot I absolutely loved!! Thanks for checking out Isaac's shoot! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email

Interview with Jordan Black - Burlington High Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

 Jordan is one of the nicest seniors we've ever met. A genuinely good guy. Very photogenic as well. We had such a good time with Jordan. We did these downtown and then headed out to the Governor's Mansion for some golf portraits. Those were actually some of my favorite sports photos we've taken in a long time!! Jordan's session was over before we knew it because we had such a good time. I am so happy with how his shoot came out. Thank you for checking out our shoot with Jordan! Hope you enjoy! T.H. Peterson:  What do you like best about going to Burlington High? Jordan:  It’s a small town school so you get to have a lot of friends there, a lot of close friends. It’s not as busy as any big city. It’s nice to have some peace and quiet.  T.H. P.:  What are your plans after high school?  Jordan:  I plan on going to college of course. I either want to go to Wichita State or University of Kansas. I want to major in physicians assistant. Wichita is the only college

Baby Greyson on the blog! First Year Baby Plan - Topeka's Best Baby Photographers

 I am so excited to share our session with Greyson. He is such a beautiful, happy, precious little boy. He did amazing. He smiled a lot, which isn't common at all. He was very pleasant and actually was awake much of his session. That's usually a recipe for disaster but not Greyson. He was very happy being awake and having his eyes open. What a cutie pie!! We photographed Lainey and Evan's wedding and now it's a real treat to be a part of their family in this way!!! Here are highlights from our session with Mr Greyson!! I love these! Also you'll be seeing more of him in the months to come as he is in our First Year Baby Plan ! Check out the link to get more info on that! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email To get more info on our First Year Baby Plan, check out our link!

Emery's Newborn Session - First Year Baby Plan - Topeka's Best Baby Photographers

Emery is such a beautiful baby. Super expressive too for a newborn. We got the cutest faces and looks from her. She even smiled a couple times which is super rare for a newborn session. She did amazing. She slept really well and basically let us pose her anyway we wanted. She didn't fight us or even cry I think, even once! She was basically the perfect baby!! I'm in love with how these turned out!! I look forward to more sessions with her! For more info on our First Year Baby Plan , check out our link!  What a sweet little face! To book your own session, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or email Or get more info on our First Year Baby Plan by clicking here.

Fannin Wedding - Todd and Jessica's Breathtaking Celebration - Victorian Veranda Inn

There really aren't sufficient words to describe Todd and Jessica's day. I remember when I met them they were so nice and laid back and just the most loving couple. I knew their wedding would be special. They have literally been together for 15 years. They were ready to get married. I knew that their love was strong and that's what weddings are all about. That's what I love capturing at weddings so much!  So we showed up to Victorian Veranda Country Inn north of Lawrence out in the country. I've been there before but it's changed quite a bit. It is such a beautiful location for a wedding. I highly recommend it. They boys were in a jolly mood. The girls were excited and so happy. And Jessica was glowing. She was absolutely radiant. I was taken back when I saw her. She was so beautiful. The day went off without a hitch. It was absolutely perfect. The day that Jessica and Todd dreamed of for so long. I sincerely feel so honored to have been part of such