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Devin LaVelle Fisher

A beautiful baby boy! Recently I photographed a week old baby named Devin. He was so peaceful and beautiful. He rarely woke up and just made photographing him a pleasure. This is a collage I made of his different "parts". I will post more images later from his session. If you have a newborn and would like a collage made of him or her or just have portraits taken of them while they're still teensy weensy, call me at 785.213.0812.

Zori and Honey

Wow, talk about some beautiful dogs! When I saw these dogs walking down the street, I was so excited. They were coming our way, and I thought to myself how beautiful they looked, even from a distance. Being big dogs, I thought to myself, I hope they don't knock my lights over, but to my pleasant surprise, they were really great dogs that were so much fun to photograph. They were extremely photogenic as you can tell though you could tell they weren't sure they wanted to have any part of this experience. I had fun though and I'm glad that I had an opportunity to meet these beautiful dogs and wonderful owners. Can you believe the boxer is only a puppy?! Doesn't she look cute! Her owner said she looked like she was focused on a fly! Getting dogs this size to stay still for a portrait together can be a challenge, but they did great!!! By the way, if you are interested in having your Christmas pet portraits taken or having your children photographed, we are h

Mo eats his veggies!

Anyone with a two year old knows how hard it is to get them to eat foods they don't like. And like most children his age, Moses is not fond of veggies. However, recently while touring a pumpkin patch, Mo got a taste of some roasted sweet corn. His taste buds went wild. He loved it. He ate the whole thing! Had we given him another, he would have chowed down on that one too. Here is Moses sharing some quality time with GG (grandma) as they enjoy the wonderful flavors of roasted corn.

Expression collages

Expression collages are perfect for celebrating birthdays, gifts for the holidays or just for fun. Any age is great but right around the one year old mark is great because they are so full of life and curiosity at that age. Collages starting at only $39. Photographing children for expressions collages are easy and fun because rather than attempting to tie a toddler down, we just capture their emotion and let them be who they want to be. Collages are fun and easy. They're beautiful and fresh. Book yours today! Thanks to Eva, our beautiful little model for her amazing smile! To book your child for their expression collage, call us at 785.793.2492

Trick or Treat!

Last Saturday, at the Dance Spot in Scranton, we set up shop right beside their building. We asked passerbys to come over and get a free portrait in their costume. After all, they put lots of thought and effort into their look that was most likely only going to be enjoyed for a few hours, so why not commemorate that look with a likeness created from a camera. We had so much fun and most people asked were not only willing but excited to do so. We so many animated people, not only in their costumes, but also in their personalities and coming alive in front of the camera. I didn't have too many camera shy people that night! As you can see, we even had young people attempting action shots for their portraits. What a fun time we had! Next door at the Dance Spot was a haunted house so we got lots of traffic from that. Some of the young people who were actors in the haunted house came over quite a bit to act out different things in front of the camera. Anyway, as the night went