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Jack & Max - 2 cute pups! Topeka, Northeast KS Pet Photographers

 We love the puppies! This Jack and Max, a baby chocolate lab and a bichon with super cute faces and personalities to match! The lab was so hyper and curious it was a bit of a challenge to get him in focus but every once in a while he slowed down enough for me to get something cute of him. He was so floppy and clumsy that I had a good time just watching him roll around.  I was shaking a Barney doll at him. He was not happy!  One of my favorites from the session. Call us if you'd like your pets or family photographed. We do studio and location portraits. Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or email

Jodi + Zach = Pure Country - Scranton, Manhattan, KS Engagement, Wedding Portrait Photographers

 We love young beautiful romantic couples. Zach and Jodi showed looking great! Holly and I were completely pumped for their session. We wanted to keep it simple but really highlight Kansas in the spring and show how crazy these two are about each other.  These guys did not disappoint.  These guys were a little nervous to begin with. Totally normal. But after a few minutes they relaxed great and gave amazing expressions.  We absolutely loved their outfits and felt it matched them perfectly. We're crazy about how the portraits turned out!  One of our favorite shots from the session. Huge thanks to Jodi and Zach for such a great session. We're totally excited about your wedding!!! To book your own portrait session or to inquire about our services please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or just email us at

Meet your photographer - Tommy Peterson - Scranton, KS fartographer

 I'm really shy. ANyonE who knows me at all knows, I am really shy. I am reluctant to expose my face to a camera. But oh well. What the heck. T.H. Peterson will be doing a quick photoshoot with all our peeps and I figured I should kick things off. I'll tell you a little about myself.  Industrial closepins on your nips hurt.  I'm this big.  Couldn't find the old spice. Spray paint works great.  Taco bell last night.  Don't judge me. Balloons excite me.  See I brushed.  I do own a hairbrush.  Zit on the back. VERY painful.  Looks fake, but it's not.  How I spend the first hour of each morning in the bathroom mirror.  I hate celery.  That is not a watermark. I am just very dedicated to our business.  Jack russells Nike and Ally. They get their personalites from me. BIG!

A house divided. Katie + Nathan = Fun engagement session!! Topeka, KS wedding photographers

 What do you get when you mix a K-Stater and Jayhawker in one session? Lots of fun and opinionated discussions! Okay not really. These guys may love opposite rivals who despise each other but they love each other!!! And these photos certainly show that!  Katie and Nathan were in wonderful moods and the weather was sooo cooperative and beautiful, photographing them was fun! They were off to a date night right after. FUN FUN FUN! He just picked her up like a feather! Thanks guys for being so down to earth and being great models for the camera!!! To book your own session or to inquire about our services, please call Tommy or Holly at 785.793.2492 or 785.213.0812 or just email us at

Ashley and Robby's VERY SPECIAL DAY!!!! A St. Patrick's Day Wedding Celebration! Topeka, KS Wedding Lifestyle Photographers

Whatever I do, as a photographer, my goal is always to capture true emotion. If I were to categorize myself with a specific style, it would have less to do with a look or technique and much more with capturing the truest, rawest emotion I can from a person, especially in a wedding. These guys were so happy and cheery, I was in photography heaven!  March 17th, two very special people shared their love for each other with their closest friends and family. We were there to capture their special day! Robby and Ashley are my favorite kinds of clients and people, totally cool and laid back! Ashley was just full of giggles and laughs and it made it so much fun to be there. It made photographing their wedding so enjoyable! Robby waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin.  The ladies looked beautiful and were all just as fun to photograph as Robby and Ashley!  What a gorgeous little flower girl they had!  Here we go!!!  I love the way he's looking at her. These girls