Kallie and Ricky

What a wonderful couple. Kallie and Ricky seemed reserved and maybe a hint of shyness... I don't know but they warmed up quick and the engagement session was wonderful!
These are some of my favorite shots from the session. Personally, this first one is my favorite, but they had so many, I don't know what portrait I would  call my favorite if I were them!
A very good looking couple who made my job easy. They looked like a couple of models!
They had the sweetest smiles!
They finally relaxed!!
Okay Ricky, control yourself...
I can't wait to be a part of your wedding guys! It will be beautiful!

Can you feel the love!
Another one of my favorites.. Great smiles!
A beautiful couple who I feel honored to photograph. Thank you guys for the opportunity and I look forward to sharing your special day!


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