Ashley and Robby's VERY SPECIAL DAY!!!! A St. Patrick's Day Wedding Celebration! Topeka, KS Wedding Lifestyle Photographers

Whatever I do, as a photographer, my goal is always to capture true emotion. If I were to categorize myself with a specific style, it would have less to do with a look or technique and much more with capturing the truest, rawest emotion I can from a person, especially in a wedding. These guys were so happy and cheery, I was in photography heaven!
 March 17th, two very special people shared their love for each other with their closest friends and family. We were there to capture their special day! Robby and Ashley are my favorite kinds of clients and people, totally cool and laid back! Ashley was just full of giggles and laughs and it made it so much fun to be there. It made photographing their wedding so enjoyable!

Robby waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin.

 The ladies looked beautiful and were all just as fun to photograph as Robby and Ashley!

 What a gorgeous little flower girl they had!

 Here we go!!!

 I love the way he's looking at her.

These girls bust a move on the pavement.

 A great moment. Out of nowhere a toddler comes bolting across the scene. I couldn't stop laughing.
Robby, what exactly are they trying to say?

 Best cake topper ever!

 Can you believe this is her mother?! So young! I swore they were sisters!
 So awesome, my bread had a frowny face!!!!

 Oh no you didn't!!!!

 So real and so beautiful.

 I'll have what their having!!!

By far, one of the best weddings I've ever been to. The day was filled with so many special moments. So much laughing and hugs. I felt like I was family. HUGE thanks to Ashley and Robby for inviting me to be their photographer. I had a perfect time!

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