A drive through western Kansas. The fields are on fire!

 I'm no landscape photography but I do love photography and I love Kansas. Kansas has extreme weather and dramatic skies. It's landscapes are rolling and beautiful. It's desolate in many places and the emptiness of it reminds me of days gone by. Yesterday we shot a session in Quinter Kansas. As we drove back we decided to stop along the way and take photos of things we found interesting. It was a fun day for photography. These are some of my favorite shots from the drive from Quinter to Topeka.

 We stopped when we saw these beautiful horses. They were very friendly! We only stopped for a few minutes. A policeman pulled up behind us and told us to move it along lol.

 Just south of Manhattan along I-70 we saw fields burning. For those who live in Kansas know it's a controlled burn but nonetheless it makes for interesting and beautiful images.
 The mix of the blue sky, barren hills, charred ground, thick smoke made for some very moody photos.

 These fires are intense and strong and the wind made them even stronger, but they are controlled. They help everything grow better in the spring.
 One of my favorites. The aftermath.

 We were out there for maybe 30-40 minutes and this very nice gentleman drove up to greet us. He wondered why would ever want to photograph such a thing. He kindly agreed to the photo. He was responsible for keeping the flames under control. He thought it was funny to spray our shoes with the water he was controlling the fires with. A fun day.
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