Interview with Jazz Sweet - 2017 Shawnee Heights Grad - Topeka's Best Senior Portrait Photographers

 Our latest senior session was with Jazz Sweet from Shawnee Heights! She was very fun to photograph and I love how her session turned out! I think it shows her personality and beauty off well!! She had a great session with lots of looks and her locations were awesome. Her shoot had the most perfect weather. It was beautiful out! The light and clouds and temps were amazing!! That's when I am so happy doing what I do!! Jazz is a very friendly, smart and competitive girl! So glad we got to do a shoot with her!! Here's a few of our favorite images from her session along with a short interview! These are always fun to read! Enjoy!
T.H. Peterson: Jzanasia is such a unique name! Never heard anything like it. I know you go by Jazz but can you tell me about your name, how your parents came up with it?
Jazz: My parents just put two name together. So it is made up.
T.H. P.: So I read you made the Volleyball US National Team! That’s so awesome!! What do you love most about playing volleyball?
Jazz: I love the team aspect and the competition. 
T.H. P.: You’re very tall! What’s the best part about being 6’2 (or 6’3) can’t remember what you said! And what’s the worst thing about being your height. 
Jazz: The best part is it contributes my success in sports. The worst part is none I really don't have a down side.
T.H. P.: How would your closest friends describe you.
Jazz: Funny, Loyal, a Good Time.
T.H. P.: What do you like best about Shawnee Heights?
Jazz: The sports programs and my friends.
T.H. P.: So you’ve gotten a scholarship to Nebraska! What are your goals athletically and what do you want to study at Nebraska? And why did you choose Nebraska?
Jazz: I chose Nebraska because they are the all around package. I am going to study business and then attend dental school. Athletically I want to become an all American and win a NCAA D1 championship.
T.H. P.: Best place to eat in Topeka?
Jazz: Panda Express.
T.H. P.: Funniest movie you’ve ever seen?
Jazz: Step Brother.
T.H. P.: What annoys you?
Jazz: When people completely give up on something.
T.H. P.: What did you like most about your senior shoot with us?
Jazz: I liked the ideas and flow of the shoot.
T.H. P.: What motivates you?
Jazz: Seeing the things I can achieve with hard work .
T.H. P.: What is the first thing you notice in a guy?
Jazz: His teeth and his smile.
T.H. P.: What advice would you give your freshman self?
Jazz: It goes by fast so just try to have the best time you can all the time!
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