Interview with Landon Winsky - Burlington High - Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

 Absolutely awesome senior session with Landon. One thing I really liked about Landon was how into the shoot he was, how much fun he was having with us. That's a definite plus for me. Photographing him was easy. These were taken at some great spots in Topeka that were perfect for the look he wanted. His awesome car made it into a few shots. That's always fun. But probably my favorite of all his portraits were the sports images at the end. Really awesome. I want to thank Landon for choosing T.H. Peterson to create his senior photos. It's an honor and we loved every minute of it. Enjoy these highlights and interview. Great answers!
T.H. Peterson: Best thing about Burlington high?
Landon: Great community with a positive atmosphere.
T.H. P.: What are you planning on doing after high school?
Landon: I want to attend Washburn to pursue Radiology. I also hope to continue to play baseball at the collegiate level.
T.H. P.: Favorite and least favorite classes this senior year and why?
Landon: Wood shop because I enjoy being able to create cool projects and my least favorite class is algebra 3 because I hate math.
T.H. P.: One thing you liked about your shoot with us?
Landon: I enjoyed going to all the different locations that we took pictures at.
T.H. P.: Favorite type of weather.
Landon: Cool spring weather when I can wear a sweatshirt.
T.H. P.: What's your favorite thing to do in Topeka, Lawrence or KC?
Landon: I enjoy going to Kansas City with my friends and going to top golf.
T.H. P.: What is your favorite meal your mom makes?
Landon: My moms lasagna is definitely the best meal she makes.
T.H. P.: Best advice your dad ever gave you?
Landon: He always told me to work hard and never expect anything to be handed to me.
T.H. P.: If you had $10,000 what would you do?
Landon: With $10,000 I would go on a vacation to Hawaii with my family.
T.H. P.: Scariest thing that ever happened to you?
Landon: During the summer I was at my dads house and got bit by a rattle snake and had to spend three days in the hospital.
T.H. P.: Favorite thing about playing baseball?
Landon: My favorite thing to do is pitch and hit dingers.
T.H. P.: Biggest pet peeve when it comes to baseball?
Landon: When I step on the mound to pitch and the other teams pitcher has dug a trench in front of the pitching rubber.
T.H. P.: Favorite pro athlete?

Landon: My favorite pro athlete is Lebron James.

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