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 We had such a great time photographing this gorgeous little lady. She was perfect. She slept the whole time and allowed us to get beautiful images of her. We also had a wonderful time with her parents Tommy and Kelsey who were absolutely in love with their baby girl. I'm so thrilled with the finished images and I'm happy to share them here!! Thanks for checking out their session and enjoy the little interview we did too!
T.H. Peterson:  How did you come up with the name Winter? I love it. It’s a beautiful name.  

Kelsey: We wanted something unique so we searched online for names and found winter and loved it immediately. We picked it out when i was only 8 weeks pregnant!
T.H. P.: What was your labor like?

Kelsey: I actually went in to labor 2 days before I was supposed to be induced, I was induced with my other 2 so i was so happy when i started contracting at home. Went to the hospital and actually got sent home. We went out to eat and then it was unbearable and we had to head back to the hospital asap and sure enough I was dilated to a 5, we were having a baby! It went super fast.

T.H. P.: What was your first thought when seeing Winter? What did Tommy think?

Kelsey: We both fell in love immediately. This was our first child together so it was super special.

T.H. P.: Who does she look more like?

Kelsey: She is a perfect mixture of both of us. Its hard saying who she looks like more. From the side she is tommys twin, when you look at her straight on she is my twin. 

T.H. P.: What is something you love about her?

Kelsey: She is such a calm baby who loves cuddles. She sleeps GREAT at night and hardly ever cries. She's still new so this can change but, for now we are taking advantage of the calmness and cuddles!

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OR if you're having a baby or JUST had a baby and would be okay with us practicing on your baby, we have a special going on right now!!! We need babies to train our assistants. To apply go to


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