Newborn session with David - Interview with mom - Topeka Newborn Photography - Beautiful studio portraits

 David was a beautiful baby! He was easy to photograph and very photogenic! Overall very content and relaxed. He did stay awake for a part of it, but still managed to get incredibly cute expressions from him!! I love what we ended up with! Here are a few of our favorites!!! I know mom and dad are in love!
T.H. Peterson: What did you think when you first saw David?

Alaina: He was so perfect! The second he came out we both were just so happy. And within a few minutes we knew he was his fathers son, ornery from the get go by peeing all over the nurse!.

T.H. P.: Who do you think he looks like most?

Alaina: He's a good combination of both of us right now. Let's just hope he doesn't get his dad's  hairline.

T.H. P.: How would you describe his personality?

Alaina: David is a great baby! Super chill and laid back. I hope he stays like this!

T.H. P.: What was your labor like?

Alaina: I was induced at 730 am on Feb 4th and he was born by 10:48 that night. Labor wasn't terrible and as my husband puts it "I took it like a champ". It was all worth it to get this little boy here!

T.H. P.: Best and worst part of pregnancy? 

Alaina: The best part of pregnancy was feeling David kick around, he was an extremely active baby. The worst part of pregnancy was being put on bed rest during the third trimester and having terrible morning sickness all the way up to 20 mins before David was born.

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