Ellisyn Newborn's Session - Interview with mom - Topeka Newborn Portrait Photographers

 We had the pleasure of taking newborn pictures of the sweet little angel, Ellisyn.  She is one of the strongest newborns we have ever met, breaking free from nearly every swaddle we out her in!  We were shocked at how strong and determined she was for only a week old! WOW! Mom and dad brought in some special wraps for us to use, symbolizing that Ellisyn is their rainbow baby, and we were able to get some really great images of her!  After some attempts at swaddling her, we finally got her wrapped and took some great pictures of her at the cookie baking table. She has mom and dad wrapped around their finger, it was so cute to see them with her! We are so happy that we got the chance to meet her, what a special gift!!

T. H. Peterson:  How did you and your family feel when you found out you were pregnant with Ellisyn? 
Britain:  Everyone was extremely excited!

T. H. P.:  Ellisyn is such a unique and beautiful name, how did you decide on that name? 
Britain:  We actually didn’t have a name picked out for Ellisyn until she was born. It took us a few hours to agree on what to name her as we had about 4 other names we were fond of.

T. H. P.:  You brought a rainbow wrap and headband with you, please describe the significance of the items and what they mean to you and your husband. 
Britain:  I actually went through a miscarriage in another relationship in 2017, so she’s my rainbow baby.

T. H. P.:  Describe Ellisyn's personality for us in one single word? 
Britain:  Chill

T. H. P.:  What was your favorite part about your newborn session with us? 
Britain:  I really enjoyed all of the different set ups that you had available. I loved that everything went smoothly and you handled Ellisyn perfectly. 

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