Maya's Newborn Shoot - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Newborn Portraits

 Maya came into our studio for her newborn session and she was our third baby since our extensive newborn training.  Our assistant immediately went to work soothing this adorable little girl! Maya was the perfect baby for this session!  She was tiny, but strong, had a full head of dark hair, and the sweetest lips, eyes and cheeks! She was so easy to work with, and our assistant was able to put her in a new type of pose we have never attempted before, the froggy pose!!  It was such a special moment for all of us! We appreciate Maya and her mom coming in for a session, as it was a life-changing day for us at the studio! If this is how far we have come after three newborns, imagine what our skill level will be like next year! Enjoy this amazing session!  We sure did!
 T.H. Peterson:  How did you decide on the name Maya? 
Shandra:  Maya's dad came up with it. It fit her so we went with it. 
T.H. P.:   What did you think of Maya when you saw her for the first time? Shandra:  Omg she came out of me? She’s beautiful!
T.H. P.:   How would you describe your first night home from the hospital? Shandra:  A night to remember. Constantly checking on her and making sure she was okay. 
T.H. P.:   What kind of food did you crave when you were pregnant?  What foods did you avoid? 
Shandra:  I craved sweet and spicy food. I avoided relish. 
T.H. P.:   What was your favorite part about your newborn session with us?  
Shandra:  My favorite part was seeing how you cared for Maya. How gentle you were. We appreciate your guys time and thank you for doing it!

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