Jaxon's Newborn Session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Family Photographer

We loved meeting Jaxon and his family when they came in for his newborn session!  He was so easygoing and had the cutest little features, like his hair!! He is a St. Patty’s baby so his mom loved him in all of the green wraps!  He was so content being swaddled and we even got some smiles out of him. We used this awesome blanket his family brought in that had his name on it!  SO CUTE! We ended with family pictures of all five of them, and we are so happy with how they turned out! We are so lucky to have met Jaxon and we look forward to seeing him again in the future!  Enjoy this adorable little guy’s session!
T.H. Peterson:   What was the most memorable moment of your pregnancy? 
Terranda:  Being able to feel him move in my belly. It’s one of the coolest feelings ever! Jaxon moved a lot during the 40 weeks I carried him and got the hiccups quite often. I truly had such a great pregnancy and look forward to the next! Being a mom is such a blessing!  Having my boyfriend and my mom in the room and seeing their reactions was a big one. I had both my biggest supporters there by my side to comfort me through the whole experience and it meant so much to me. We were all filled with tears of joy when he made his appearance. It was truly beautiful.
T.H. P.:  How did you find out you were pregnant? Was it a shock or expected?
Terranda:  I found out I was pregnant in a pretty basic way, I was a few days late. I took two tests to confirm and I had made a shirt for my 4 year old at the time to wear. It said “does this shit make me look like a big sister?” With a pink and blue foot print on each side. When Will came home from work Zoey had him read her shirt. I’m glad I recorded it all because it was such a sweet and exciting reaction from him.  When we found out we were pregnant emotions were very high. Definitely lots of happy tears. We were excited and shocked all at the same time.
T.H. P.:   How did your other children react to seeing Jaxon for the first time?
Terranda:  Our youngest Zoey was excited but a little confused about what it meant. Lane was excited and was later glad it was a boy. Lexi was also excited and loves taking photos of her brother.
T.H. P.:   What kind of food did you crave when you were pregnant?  What foods did you avoid?
Terranda:   While I didn’t have a bunch of cravings my boyfriend had A LOT. There were many trips out of town to fill those cravings. He definitely had more pregnancy craving than I did. I mostly wanted Huhot while out of town and I wanted ice cream quite often towards the last month of my pregnancy.  I had to stay away from orange juice because it gave me heartburn.
T.H. P.:   What was your favorite part about your newborn session with us?  
Terranda:  We were very pleased about the knowledge and experience your team had. Your studio was very appealing when we first walked in the door and loved all the props you had! Jesse, you were so patient with Jaxon and handled him with such love and care. I was truly a little nervous about our shoot being a bust because of how alert and wiggly Jaxon is, but you worked with him so well! Our most funniest moments about the shoot was when our son pooped on one of the blankets and how quickly Jesse was getting the diaper back on.

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