Leia's maternity session - Osage County Lake - Topeka's Baby and Newborn Photographers

We have been photographing the Neu family for years, and we were so excited to meet up with Leia, John and Madilynn to do some family/maternity pictures for them!  We decided to go to Osage State Fishing Lake since it is close, beautiful and has the country look that they wanted.  It sure was windy, but we worked around it and got some adorable shots of them!  We really enjoyed how excited Madilynn got when they gave her candy Easter eggs!  She did a wonderful job posing for us!  Mom and dad look so in love and they sure are wonderful parents.  We are so excited to meet their newest baby, as she is expected to make her debut this week!  Thank you for checking out this adorable session!

T.H. Peterson:  How did you find out you were pregnant?  Were you shocked or was it expected?
Leia:  Truthfully it was unexpected we were trying but I had just taken a test two weeks prior to when we found out and it came back negative and then I went on vacation and I just didn't feel well I was sickly the whole vacation and came home and my husband suggested that I take another test and it came back positive.

T.H. P.:  How did you tell your husband, daughter and family?
Leia:  Oh my husband was with me when I took a test so that's kind of how I told him and Madilynn  is 3,  2 at the time when we found out so we kind of waited until I had a belly to show her to tell her that she was gonna be a big sister.

T.H. P.:  What is your most memorable part of this pregnancy?
Leia:  My favorite part and most different from this pregnancy to my first pregnancy is that this baby moves all over the place where my first made herself feel small and was very chill through the whole pregnancy and this one makes herself known lol.

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