Interview with Casey Champney - Topeka High Class of 2021 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

Casey's session was great. He was very personable and easy going. He told me up front he really didn't want to smile big but he a lot of great expressions. I enjoyed our time together and felt by the end we were able to get some amazing images that really highlighted his personality. I was interested to find out that he plays multiple sports and is in band. Very cool. He expressed how Covid has kept him from seeing his friends at school and how important that interaction is to him. I believe that his outgoing personality and genuineness will take him very far in life. He's a great guy! Thanks for checking out his session and hope you enjoy!
T.H. Peterson:  If money was no object, what kind of vehicle would you drive and why?
Casey.: 2024 i8 M
T.H. P.: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Casey.: I get bored super easily when I'm alone.
T.H. P.: What is your favorite thing about going to High School?
Casey.:  The interactions with people.
T.H. P.: What kind of student are you?
Casey.: Student- Athlete smart and very active in the school.
T.H. P.: So are you going to college? If so, what are you going to study?
Casey.: Yes, hopefully mechanical engineering. 
T.H. P.: What would be a dream job unrelated to your current plans after high school? (Like not in the same field you will be studying)
Casey.: Own a car dealership 
T.H. P.: What do you like to do for fun?
Casey.: Draw, sports, watch movies. 
T.H. P.: What movie from your childhood do you watch now and relate to the most?
Casey.: Daddy daycare. 
T.H. P.: What was your favorite part of the session with us?
Casey.: The places we went I had never been.
T.H. P.: What is one thing you want the older generation to understand about your generation?
Casey.: Everyone of us tries harder than some people think.

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