Interview with Kyle and Jacob - Twins senior session - Shawnee Heights Class of 2021 - Topeka's best senior portraits

We had the privilege of meeting Jacob and Kyle for their senior session and when we pulled into Shawnee Lake and saw the sun glistening off of the Mustang they borrowed for their session, our jaws dropped.  They looked so tough posed in front of that car!  So many people were stopping and staring and honking as they drove past.  We loved it!  After hanging out at the lake for a few more pics by the water, we headed out to the football field at Shawnee Heights.  Kyle and Jacob were naturals in front of the camera. Kyle is more reserved and quiet, while Jacob is more talkative and his beard made him look like an adult. It was crazy how different they were but similar at the same time. We ended their session downtown where we got a quick family photo of mom and dad with the boys, too! It was really awesome to see them all interacting and throwing out ideas throughout the shoot. We are excited to share these with you!
T.H. Peterson:   How have your goals changed since you started as a freshman to now?
Kyle:  His goal was to make long life friends...and now that he has, he wants to maintain these friendships past high school
Jacob:  His original goal was to play college football...and now he wants to pursue a career in the electrical field
T.H. P.:    If you could take a dream vacation anywhere with anyone, where would you go and who would you take with you?
Kyle:  Sydney, Australia..he'd take close friends and family with him.
Jacob:  Germany ....he'd take his a few close friends with him.
T.H. P.:   What is your favorite class from high school and why?
Kyle:  Favorite class: Anatomy because he finds it to be fun and interesting.
Jacob:  Favorite class: History because he enjoys learning about past wars and military. 
T.H. P.:    If money was no object, what kind of vehicle would you drive and why?
Kyle:  Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, because it's very fast
Jacob:  2003 F250 because it was the last pickup to have a 7.3 powerstroke
T.H. P.:   What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Kyle:  They'd be surprised to find out I am a hard worker and can be very determined
Jacob:  They'd be surprised to find out how much I enjoy wildlife and considered a career being a Game Warden
T.H. P.:   What is your favorite thing about going to Shawnee Heights High School?
Kyle:  Favorite thing about Shawnee Heights is that my dad and uncle both attended this school before me
Jacob:  Favorite thing is being able to play sports with friends and good coaches
T.H. P.:    What do you like to do for fun?
Kyle:  For fun I play Xbox, basketball, football, and hang out with friends
Jacob:  For fun I enjoy fishing, xbox, playing sports and hanging out with friends
T.H. P.:   What was your favorite part of your session with us?
Kyle:  Session favorite was being able to shoot at different locations
Jacob:  Favorite was the ease of working with the photographer and making it fun
T.H. P.:    Favorite place to eat in Topeka?
Kyle:  Favorite place to eat is Kiku's Japanese Restaurant
Jacob:  Favorite place to eat is The Shack Bar and Grill
T.H. P.:   Describe yourself in 3 words...
Kyle:   3 words to describe me : Athletic, funny, determined
Jacob:  3 words to describe me - athletic, funny, considerate


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