Get to know Karly and Bertie - Relationship spotlight!

We are a photography blog HOWEVER I recently started interviewing couples about their relationship. This has been a fun and educational and heartwarming experience. Getting a small insight into other couples has been fun to see and I hope of some value to you, the reader. Today’s spotlight is Bertie and Karly. Enjoy!

T.H. Peterson: How long have you been been together? Karly: Dating, just shy of 3 years.

T.H. Peterson: How did you meet? Karly: We were introduced by mutual friends. T.H. Peterson: What were your first impressions of each other? Karly: Neither of us were looking for a relationship, but had a connection that built up through our instant friendship.

T.H. Peterson: Describe your relationship in one word.
Karly: Strong

T.H. Peterson: What have been some of the best moments of your marriage?
Karly: I'm not sure how to narrow down to just a couple moments.  We love to laugh, we both love making other people laugh, and we have a lot of fun.     Spending time with friends and family, camping, riding motorcycles, playing cards, we are always doing something and enjoying each other's company.

T.H. Peterson: How have you learned to effectively resolve conflict?
Karly: Both being the stubborn people that we are, we have to work really hard at LISTENING to each other, not to react and respond, but to actually hear and understand what the other person is trying  to say.

T.H. Peterson: What are some things that have helped keep your relationship strong?
Karly: We have both had some traumatic events in our past, and when those old feelings of hurt or anger or sadness emerge, we have been able to help each other through them  just by being present.  Making sure the other doesn't feel like they are ever alone in it.  Whatever comes about, we know we will handle it and get through it together.  Just knowing you don't have to face anything alone makes a lot of difference in any situation.

T.H. Peterson: What are some ways you are alike and different?
Karly: We are both funny, and enjoy doing things to have a good time
We are both also very strong willed and stubborn!!!          
However I like to talk about  and discuss things, he isn't very good at communicating his feelings.   I also tend to get caught up in my feelings sometimes and forget to take the time to think about the way he is feeling.  So, we both have to constantly work on those things!!! 

T.H. Peterson: Advice you'd give to yourself when you were first dating your significant other?
Karly: Don't settle, communicate what you want, your intentions, and be open about feelings (good and bad)       communication is key.

T.H. Peterson: Give one single piece of advice that others might benefit from. Karly: Communicate.  And when doing so, listen NOT to react/respond, but listen to actually hear and UNDERSTAND what they are trying to tell you. 


Thank you for taking time to read Karly and Bertie's interview. I am looking to post these for any couples that would like to participate!!! If you would be interested, go to and fill out the form and we'll get you on the blog!!!


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