Waylon's Newborn Session - Interview with Mom - Topeka's Best Newborn Photographer

 When we met Waylon for the first time, we knew he was going to be a great newborn for us to photograph.  He slept through the majority of the session, allowing us to pose him so easily!  He even let us put a rattail on him HAHA!  We had a great session and he was such an easy baby.  We are so excited to share this awesome session with all of you! Thank you for checking it out!

T.H. Peterson: What kind of pregnancy, labor and delivery did you have?

Erin:  A pretty simple, but long pregnancy. No complications. L&D went differently than we hoped for. We ended up having an emergency c-section due to Waylon's heart rate dropping with each contraction. It was a scary experience to say the least. But, within 25 minutes he was in our arms, happy and healthy.

T.H. P.:  What was everyone's reaction to the news that you were pregnant?

Erin:  Everybody was SO excited! It was news they had all been waiting for since we tied the knot in 2019.

T.H. P.:  What is one baby item you could not live without?

Erin:  Oh, that's a good question. I have two older kids that I've gone the bare minimum with. I guess.. diapers?

T.H. P.:  What advice would you give first time moms? 

Erin:  Expect the unexpected. And try to keep an open mind when it comes to L&D. Also, in recovery, sleep when the baby sleeps. Those nurses show no mercy when it comes to taking your vitals every hour. Haha

T.H. P.:  What was your favorite part of your session with us?

Erin:  Seeing Waylon posed with the deer antlers that his dad and I found the first year we were together.

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