Small Business Showcase - Topeka Pediatrics, PA - Topeka, KS

Our latest small business on the blog is Topeka Pediatrics. They were a lot of fun to photograph and it was great meeting them. My overall impression of their team is that they work great together, not only coworkers but friends. Their chemistry is great and I’m sure their clients love them! Here are some fun portraits of them and an interview with Kim. She was extremely informative!

T.H. Peterson: How did you get into pediatric care and how long have you done it?

Kim: I got into pediatrics because there are no better patients; I love kids and I get to act like a kid 😉. I have worked in Pediatrics for almost 17 years.

T.H. P.: Can you tell me about your business Topeka Pediatrics? What are some of the things that make your office special?

Kim: Topeka Pediatrics and Kids First Urgent Care is locally owned and operated. There are two businesses and one great team. Topeka Pediatrics is our primary care side for our patients and Kids First Urgent Care is the only Pediatric Urgent Care in Topeka for all patients.  We make our office special 😁. We are  special because we not only care for our patients but for Pediatric patients who need Urgent care that are not out patients, and all providers are all specifically trained and board certified in pediatrics. (Otherwise I'm a Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner Board Certified in Primary Care and Pediatric Mental Health (pretty sure I'm the only one in town) and Dr Zubiaur is a board certified Pediatrician. We don't turn our patients away if they need to be seen, we try to work them in where we can. We also provide mental health services such as medication management of ADHD, depression and anxiety to name a few.

T.H. P.: Your team is great. We enjoyed meeting you all. Tell me a little bit about everyone that works there.

Kim: Ya know about me;) Dr Zubiaur joined us (original owner retired in April) a year ago, she is a Board Certified Pediatrician, lives in Topeka with her husband and son. Next is Brenna. She is the Office Manager and is married to Dave and has several fur babies.

Next are the nurses, Shelbi had darker hair in ponytail she works mainly weekends she is PRN. She is married and has some rambunctious twin boys;)  The blondes, tall "funny" one 😄  is my kid Dallis. She started out as a temporary fill in person when we were short staff and nearly a year later she can't see herself doing anything else. Single with her cat Deb. 🐈. 

Rachel, the shorter blonde, is married to Tyler and they have 2 boys as well. Her and Dallis are the weekday nurses that keep the office running and keep Dr Z and myself on our toes. Jenna is our receptionist. She is married with 3 boys of her own. Seems I am the only one with girls. I have four and my husband Dale.  All my kids are grown and out of the house.  Jenna she is super nice and pleasant and always has a smile on her face. She is the newest member of our team. 

T.H. P.: Why should parents consider coming to see you guys?

Kim: Well see above! lol why not ;)  We are small but mighty, we love getting to know our patients and without a doubt we go out of our way to make sure they are well cared for and their needs are met.

T.H. P.: What are some things that you love about children?

Kim: I love everything about children but most of all the funny things they say and do. I love watching them grow and change from babies to toddlers with their own little personalities to adolescents and young adults. Nothing is more rewarding than helping heal kidos when they are sick both physically and mentally.

T.H. P.: How has Covid affected your business?

Kim: COVID only made us busier. We never stopped seeing patients. We did not turn them away because they had COVID or were exposed. What did change is the way we divided the office to accommodate sick visits vs well visits, dedicated COVID rooms, and wearing protective gear to help prevent the spread. The Urgent Care saw an increase in business as well as many kiddos were not able to go to their regular office. We adapted and protected without compromising care.

T.H. P.: How can people get ahold of you?

Kim: They can call our office. We are taking new patients and we accept most insurances.

T.H. P.: Last question. As a pediatrician, what advice do you have for parents in Topeka?

Kim:  I'm actually a Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner (not many with my degree we have the closest training to a Pediatrician;)  We’re special lol. Advice for Parents in Topeka. Lord, I'm full of advice I give it every day 😉  about caring for the pediatric population, but if you want to know my advice for parents when it comes to choosing an office, then my advice is choose an office that chooses you and has your child's best interests in mind  every day. I don't really know how else to say that. We choose the physical and mental health of our kiddos every day. We care for many things like Mental Health, Asthma, ADHD, minor injuries, many things that others choose to refer to us vs seeing them for those complex issues and we don't send them to Urgent Care if we don't have time to see them. We make time if they need to be seen.  


We are the only Pediatric Certified Medical Home in Topeka. We love our families and we enjoy getting to know them. I have been known to go in at night and fix lacerations so they don't have to go to the ER. I could not have done that anywhere else.  

I appreciate you doing this.  Like I said, the founder and previous owner recently retired and I feel we have really transitioned so well and are growing. I could not be more proud of our team to be honest because we are a team and could not function without each other.  

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