Interview with Hunter Morgan - Shawnee Heights Grad - Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

 Very excited to share our session with Hunter from Shawnee Heights. When I first met Hunter, I was excited because of his bike lol. I don't photograph senior portraits like this often so it's awesome. He may have had a serious demeanor when I first met him but I can honestly say he was one of the nicest most respectable young men I've ever photographed. Starting off downtown was an obvious place to start and then we headed to their property out in the the country and I loved it. I've shot there before for his brother's senior photos. It's an amazing piece of property. All in all, Hunter's session was so fun it felt like it flew by. I love the variety we got and I'm really happy we got to really include what was important to him and what he loves. Makes shooting seniors really fun. Thank you for checking out his session. Check out his interview. I think you'll enjoy. Take care!
T.H. Peterson: What do you like most about going to Shawnee Heights?  
Hunter: I have some great friends who will always have my back no matter what. 
T.H. P.: How did you get into riding motorcycles? 
Hunter: When I was younger my grandpa always took me on rides on his motorcycle so one day I told him I was gonna get a motorcycle so we could ride together. 
T.H. P.: What the best movie you've ever seen? 
Hunter: Remember the Titans.
T.H. P.: What did you like most about your shoot with us? 
Hunter: You guys took our ideas and found ways to improve them just to make the picture that much better. 
T.H. P.: What is your favorite thing to hunt? 
Hunter: Deer is my most favorite animal to hunt. 
T.H. P.: How did you get into hunting? 
Hunter: All throughout my life my dad would always bring a deer home so he could put food on the table for our family so I wanted to take after his footsteps because it's a really fun sport and the feeling you get when you can put food on the table for your family is just amazing. 
T.H. P.: So do you mostly bow hunt? 
Hunter: Yes because it's more of a challenge to shoot a deer for how much closer you have to get to them.
T.H. P.: What school related pet peeves do you have? 
Hunter: When people walk slow through the halls or when they just won't stop talking in general. 
T.H. P.: What are your plans after high school? 
Hunter: I'm well on my way to becoming a Kansas State Trooper I have always wanted to do that since the 8th grade.
T.H. P.: Favorite season of the year? 
Hunter: Fall because that's when hunting season comes. 

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