Interview with Faith Holmberg - Osage City High - Class of 2018 - Topeka's Best Senior Portraits

AWESOME shoot with Faith from Osage!! I loved her shoot! I feel like her shoot actually symbolizes the kind of shoot I always want to photograph. It's a rural, rustic, location with a down to earth, happy, smiley, super friendly senior. Faith was such a great subject. She was into the shoot. Her dogs were an adorable addition to her session. Diesel and Bella were adorable models! Thank you for checking out our shoot! Check out her interview too. Great answers!

T.H. Peterson: What do you like most about Osage City high?

Faith: The sports

T.H. P.: What do you want to do after high school?

Faith: I plan to do something along the lines of child care.

T.H. P.: What is your favorite and least favorite class this year?

Faith: Favorite class would have to be Government. My least favorite would have to be Computer Graphics.

T.H. P.: I love where we did your senior photos. What is the significance of the property to you and your family?

Faith: It is where most of my family used to live. It was one of my favorite places to go and stay and I have a lot of good memories out there.

T.H. P.: Your dogs are super cute and funny. What do you love about them most?

Faith: How they always like to cuddle.

T.H. P.: What did you like most about your shoot with us?

Faith: You knew what you were doing and had some really cute poses for me to do and you found a neat building I take some good pictures at.

T.H. P.: What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Faith: Camping

T.H. P.: It's 70s and sunny. You rolling down the highway with the windows down. 

What do you have blaring on the stereo?
Faith: Country music

T.H. P.: 
Who’s your favorite?
Faith: Scotty McCreery

T.H. P.: Describe your fashion sense?

Faith: Casual

T.H. P.: Best advice your mom ever gave you.

Faith: Stay alive, don’t die
T.H. P.: LOL nice!


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